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Ferry across Gulf of Mexico?

My Friend and I were planning on taking a road trip from San Francisco to the South (New Orleans to be exact and then Florida) and the drive is around 45 hours so I figured it would easier to travel by boat or ferry

across the gulf. Any info on a ferry from mexico or texas area that allows cars on board?

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    I -10 East is the shortest route

    they have a ferry that runs across Mobile bay to Gulf Shores but that's out of your way and no help unless you were planning on visiting Dauphin island already.

    don't drive fast thru Mississippi or you'll earn a few speeding tickets

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    Sorry, there is no ferry that travels the entire distance across the Gulf of Mexico. There are a few small commuter and tourist ferries, such as the one another user described, but they only cover a very short distance, and will be out of your way. Yep, Interstate 10 East will definitely be your shortest route to Florida. And the Louisiana State Troopers are on the prowl also. Don't speed in Louisiana either. Be sure to wear your seat belt, too.

    Have a safe trip and enjoy.

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    No there is no ferry you can take from mexico or texas to new orleans or florida. You will have to drive.

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    This is the only ferry system I could find it does't look like it will help you, though.

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