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What's the movie with Leonardo DiCaprio as a young 'convict' who's taken in by an older lady?

I can think of a few scenes

A. The lady had money hidden in her house, and Leonardo takes the money at some point, but closer to the end he replaces the money were it was, and the lady finds it there

B. Leonardo tries to open car does in a (I think) church parking lot, and (I think) its the pastors door that is unlocked, he finds the key in the car, and drives off with it

C. Leonardo and the lady go to this one lake at more than once? during the movie, he swims and they're in a small row boat.

D. There's a scene I think at the end where the lady goes to visit Leonardo at the jail to either get him out or just talk to him.. not sure about this one though..

I may be wrong on some details, but does anyone know the movie?


Walking across Egypt, that's it. Thanks so much.

It's funny, because I pictured it with Leonardo DiCaprio perfectly in the film.. so odd.

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    there is a movie that sounds really similar to that one but it has Jonathan Taylor Thomas rather than Leonardo DiCaprio....It's called Walking Across Egypt. made in 1999

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    i'm not sure if this is right or not. i've seen a lot of his movies but haven't really head of a movie with all those things. the only one i really sure about is somewhat B & C. C which sounds like The Beach with Tilda Swinton and its a bunch of weirdos living on this hidden island. I'll never forget that b/c of that gross love scene he had. B sounds like Catch Me If You Can, movie about him forging checks and he was a teenager in that like 18 i think. That whole scene was more about him pretending to be a limo driver than stealing a car. His character rarely ever told the truth about his job.

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    It's definitely not Catch Me If You Can. Marvin's Room, perhaps?

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    it isn't catch me if you can--no older lady in it and he's being chased by the fbi due to forgery. tom hanks as the agent. your best bet is to go to the internet movie data base.

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    Catch me if you can

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    "Catch me if you can" I think.

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