How can astrology be true if...?

there are different kinds of astrology (vedic, tropical, sidereal etc.) and people only choose which one they want to believe in. Like you could have a completely different chart in tropical astrology compared to sidereal..?


you people..?honey...? wtf is your problem?

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    Astrology can't and probably never will be proven, at least on a "scientific" level, but it proves itself to the people who believe in it, just fine. Some people only choose to believe in Tropical and some people only believe in Sidereal or Vedic (which is actually the same thing because Vedic Astrology is based on the Sidereal system), but that's because it's a personal reason. Some people think that their Tropical Birth Chart suits them more than their Sidereal Birth Chart, and vice versa. Also, some people aren't open-minded to other forms of Astrology, partly due to the fact that they're so familiar with one system, and then when they find out about another system (like Sidereal), they automatically try to disprove that "other" system's accuracy. Most people use the Tropical system because it's the most familiar form of Astrology (at least in the US). All the Horoscopes in magazines, most websites, newspapers, etc. are based on Tropical Astrology. There are a lot of different systems of Astrology, just like there are lots of different cultures and religions. Different systems of Astrology include: Tropical, Sidereal or "Vedic", Chinese, Mayan-Aztec, Tibetan, Draconic (Soul Astrology), Burmese, Celtic, etc. Astrology is "true" in some people's mind, while it is "fake" and "phony" to others....either because it's not "scientifically" proven or because people don't like the thought of something like planets having an influence on them and their destiny or fate, so to speak. They feel controlled and they'd rather have control over their own lives and their fate. Some people just choose to ignore all of this "stuff" all together, either because they are afraid to know or because they don't really care to know at all. It's a choice and it's a belief...... "Believe" is a keyword here. I've been studying Astrology (all types) for about 4 or 5 years now, and I "believe" in both Tropical and Sidereal Astrology, as well as Draconic, etc. In the end, they're all the same thing because they all share one thing in common, planets and signs having influence on an individual.

    Source(s): Tropical Aries/ Sidereal Pisces/ Water Rooster/ Draconic Leo with experience in Astrology!
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    Honey if we knew that question we would probably know all of life's questions. You people who come on Y/A astrology and b i t c h about it are the ones who want life to be black or white, but guess what? It isn't. Life is more complicated than that and so is astrology. I guess it really boils down to the fact that certain people will believe in some things while it's not for others. Case and point, mind your own the master of your own life and leave others beliefs alone!

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    Astrology is no guarantee, but rather a guideline with a lot of gray in the mix. There is yet to be anyone who can accurately predict the future, whether based on the movement of the planets or whatever. If there were, they would win the state lottery week after week or play the stock market and make millions overnight. I can predict the future for you in one respect, if you do not make the effort and study, then you are MUCH more likely to fail and if you DO fail, then the fault will lie squarely on your shoulders, not in the stars...

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    cause its not, man i belive in god, *smokes a bone*, theres no such thing my man. come on astrology, it also supposed to tell what type of a person you are depending on when your born, thats like some dumb sht in the movies.

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    we can only guess. all of us.

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