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How to get cheap car auto insurance?

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    if you want to get cheap car auto insurance, check out this site


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    You get cheap auto insurance by:

    1. Being over 25

    2. Having several years or driving experience

    3. Having collateral such as a house (under your name)

    4. Being married

    5. Having a job

    6. A car that is not a sports car/coupe/exotic

    7. A car that is older than 5 years

    8. Varies from place to place. Usually more expensive in a large urban city (such as NYC).

    9. Having no speeding tickets or other in motion violations (clean record).

    10. Not having been in an accident.

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    I suggest one to try this internet site where onel can compare quotes from different companies: http://help-insure.net/index.html?src=2YAWCN33jsq9...

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    Help yourself you can check your quotes in internet for example here http://help.coveragefinder.net/

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    Get insurance quotes

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