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Hows my fantasy football team?

Hows my fantasy football team?












Big Ben





This is a 12 man league. tell me how i can improve my team and rate it 1-10

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    Just scanning over your team you did a wonderful job of drafting for a 12 team league. You have two solid QBs and two beastly RBs, I really like what Jacobs is going to do this season. I believe Braylon Edward will also bounce back and once again cement himself among the top receivers in the league. Evans won't have any double teams due to Owens coming to Buffalo and Coles is a very solid player. Your also strong at the TE position with Gates, who in my mind is the 2nd best fantasy TE behind Jason Witten. I give your team a 9 out of 10. Great draft man. GL

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    Gore and Jacobs are a little iffy this year. Jacobs will get touchdowns, but he will be splitting time with Bradshaw. I think you will be starting Ward before the end of the season. Rivers is consistent at QB and I like Edwards for a bounce back year. Gates is oft injury prone, but if healthy will be a great addition. Look to pick up some RB/WRs either in trade or free agency as the year goes on. Love the Giants as your D and Keller might be the sleeper TE of the year. 8/10.

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    that is a great team but u should work on your bench and wrs a little

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    If you want to improve you should work on your WR's.

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