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Fox News and Glenn Beck lose advertisers due to ill-thought remarks, fair?

Glenn Beck claims Obama is racist. Then one of the Fox and Friends host points out that his administration is almost entirely white.

Glenn then says, oh Obama doesn't hate white people -- he's just a racist.

The controversy stems from Beck's comment that President Obama is a "racist" with "a deep-seated hatred for white people."

Fox news and his show is taking the flak for his ill-thought remarks. Losing major advertisers and as far as I know they lost 20.

Anyway, Glenn Beck's paranoia is still surfacing so when will people finally notice it?


Bendover that truly is a ignorant statement.

It can mean many things. That the majority of Glenn Beck viewers are racist, because for the most part Glenn is. He has made many many statements over the years on his radio show, and his program on Fox that would lead you to think he was.

Secondly, Twinkies are popular, Twinkies are good. They also sell a lot, does that mean they are good for you?

Stop trying to defend Fox, they are just as bad as CNN, and CBS with their biased media.

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    Beck has the best ratings for his time slot, so he isn't going anywhere. He may lose advertisers in the short-term, but he'll get more... and FOX knows it.

    PS: Calling Obama a racist when he is indeed a racist... doesn't make Beck a racist... just someone who states the facts.

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    You are truly making a blanket statement you say it could mean that those who watch Glen Beck are racist Give people credit and do not think because I or anyone else watches Beck that I will eventually believe everything he does for God's sake. So then if you believe that statement of yours does that go for the people who watch Keith O.? Come on. If you don't like Fox don't watch it for goodness sake. And for your information through the years most stations have lost advertisers for some reason or another, Beck/Fox is not and will not be the only one if what you are saying is true.

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    For the first is "fair" that they would loose advertisers for "ill-thought remarks". That's the beauty of capitalism in a free market, you (generic "you" can be anyone, any company, etc...) can support or not support anyone you want to for any reason.

    As for his remarks regarding the personal beliefs of the president, he should be very careful that when making a blanket statement like that where he has the ability to back it up, which I know he can. The media has hours of footage which displays that Beck's comment here is correct. For instance the president has even said bad things about his own grandmother because she is white and you cannot defend or dispute that, he specifically said it. You have to take in the facts and truly watch what he says off the cuff when he doesn't have a teleprompter, his underlying beliefs are almost too obvious. Personally I don't think much of Beck either, but I would have to disagree with your comment about his paranoia. He's calling it like he sees it, and for the most part he isn't far off, and usually dead on right with his observations.

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    Glenn Beck can be a bit over the top sometimes, but he also makes a lot of good points. Some advertisers have asked that their ads not appear on his show and those ads are airing on other Fox News shows. Glenn's program is highly rated and other advertisers have jumped at the chance to fill the void. There has been no net loss of Advertising revenue.

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    I think Beck has the same right to free speech as the rest of us. But I think he, and the other right-wing voices, uses speech for the wrong purpose. I want to say his spiel verges on 'hate speech', but these days people use that term to mean anything they disagree with, and 'hate speech' has a specific definition.

    At the very least, I think people have a right to organize a boycott. It should be aimed at -all- of Fox's advertisers, not just Glen Beck. But maybe Fox's people will take note how powerful this kind of thing can be.

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    Fox's audience is mostly poor, older, less educated and paranoid. They'll believe anything! Since their viewers tend to be older, they rely on news and traditional media over the internet and blogs hence the skewed ratings.

    Fox news loves to spew hate but they don't let that mess with the money. He'll be backpedaling soon.

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    It's a free market system. Advertisers may spend their money or not for any reason they choose. It's a reality Mr. Beck will just have to accept.

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    I agree with Glen Beck.. but it is unfortunate that he was brave enough to state fa ts....You can bet the Obama machine will have him removed as soon as possible.

    Obama doesn't like any opposition.. or truth.

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    i wouldn't doubt that obama is racist but that's ok, i don't care. the only thing i don't like about beck is when he starts acting silly, that turns me off but i do get a lot of good solid info. from him. i believe he tells the truth as do all the fox programs and some people just don't like to hear the truth

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    Did you see Jon Stewart's piece on him last week? He showed clips of Beck crying from his hospital bed about how awful the American health care system was juxtaposed with his recent statements that America has the best health care in the world! LOL

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