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Allergic to leg hair removal products?

Every time I use shaving cream, Nair, Veet, or other hair removal products, I get a seriously itchy, bumpy red rash all over my legs. I used Nair at first and it worked fine. The second or third time I used it I got the rash. Then I tried Veet and had the same reaction on the second or third use of it. I finally returned to shaving with a razor and cream, but got a rash AGAIN!!! I've seriously tried everything...I even did waxing...Ugh..too painful, too expensive, not long enough lasting. I can't afford laser hair removal. So any ideas? And yes, I tried shaving with soap but it's too messy...


and i want an idea that works quickly because waxing at home i think would just take too long...

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    Nair and Veet are horrible to the skin. They always rip my skin (Even the sensitive formula.) and does not remove the hair effectively. End up having to do it like once a week or even more frequently - waste of wax strips really! Sally Hansen and Parissa wax seem to work for me and are not too expensive. Alternatively you could try home laser hair removers... They are not nearly as expensive as those done at salons and are suppose to give the same results.

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    Have you tried the sensitive formula of those products? I got rashes from the "Normal Skin" veet, but the sensitive formula works fine for me. Also, don't leave those products on for the maximum time written on the label, or your skin will be further irritated.

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    try to wash the area with cold water . most of the times this stops the itching :)

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