How to download files in rapidshare ?

How to download files which are in rapidshare .In my office rapidshare is blocked . I have some files which are very important but those are on rapidshare webhosting servers. Is there any other sites through which i can downloads files from rapidshare

How to unblock rapidshare in my office that i can download files using rapidshare links

Thanks in advance

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Use VPN or Proxy

    if Premium use

    if u wanna use free

    use TOR its a free service

  • 1 decade ago

    Here is the Top 101 Sites but because of word limit i can only post 80 that could help you get files you ever wanted..from Rapidshare!

    This is a excellent list and should be bookmarked for all those Chronic Downloaders..

    This is purely for eductaional Purpose...

    If you didn’t know, RapidShare is one of the largest file hosting website. Rapidshare claims to have a storage capacity of several petabytes (a petabyte is a million gigabytes) of files and an internet connection that transfers hundreds of gigabytes simultaneously. You can imagine the amount of files that is hosted there.

    Too bad RapidShare doesn’t have an official search engine for people to find files in its servers. Fortunately I found a total of 99 RapidShare search engine websites and 2 free software that can help you find files hosted in RapidShare according to the keywords. With the help of 101 rapidshare search engines, searching for files in RapidShare is no longer a problem!


    Here is the Exclusive List :

    1. RapidShare1 - Rapidshare Search Engine

    2. RapidShare Searcher - Search in

    3. FileZ - Rapidshare Search - File Search

    4. LoadingVault - RapidShare Search

    5. RapidOSearch - RapidShare Search Engine

    6. Rapidoogle - The RapidShare Search Engine

    7. HellaFiles - Rapidshare and Megaupload Search Engine

    8. RapidShare-Search-Engine - Find files on rapidshare

    9. FileCrop - Find Rapidshare & Megaupload files

    10. ThuVienPHP - RapidShare Search Engine from Vietnam

    11. RapidZilla - Your search engine

    12. OplaHol - We find any file for you

    13. FileSearch - Advanced Search Engine for Rapidshare Files

    14. FileScoop - Makes File Searching a Snap

    15. FilesBot - File Storages Search Engine

    16. - The Premium File Search Engine

    17. OneClickFiles - Search for files on rapidshare, megaupload, etc

    18. SearchShared - Search Shared File Servers

    19. FilesTube - Every search is a direct hit

    20. Rapidfox - RapidShare Search Engine

    21. ShareMiner - Search Files on Rapidshare, Megaupload, SendSpace, ZShare

    22. ShareDigger - File Search Engine

    23. Share4VN - Download Everything You Need!

    24. JuSearch - File Hosting Search

    25. Avun - File Hosting Search

    26. FilesHunt - Rapidshare Search Engine

    27. MEGAPID - Official RapidShare Search Engine

    28. TotMe! - Rapidshare Search Engine

    29. FileSearch - Rapidshare and megaupload file search engine

    30. MegaDownload - Megaupload and Rapidshare search engine

    31. RapidLibrary - RapidShare Search Engine

    32. RapidAll - Rapidshare and others Web Host download Search!

    33. RapidSearch.CA - RapidShare Search Engine

    34. Gappon - Your Rapidshare, megaupload, mediafire search engines

    35. Search4File - Free file search on RapidShare, Youtube and more

    36. NewRapidHunter - The easy way to find rapidshare files

    37. LoadEvery - More than Search!

    38. FileField - Search for files download

    39. Leecha - Get it while it’s hot

    40. RapidShareIndex - Rapidshare Search Engine

    41. RapidRat - RapidShare Search Engine

    42. RSDown - Rapidshare links search engine

    43. - File Search Engine

    44. Sharech - Search for files on the best servers download

    45. RapidBurner - RapidShare Search Engine

    46. RapidshareDATA - RapidShare Search Engine

    47. Search Rapidshare and Megaupload

    48. SharingEngines - Search rapidshare megaupload torrents emule mp3 movies

    49. QuickSearch - Find needed files from RapidShare Links

    50. Funfail - File Search

    51. InfoBind RapidSearch

    52. 4Chan - RapidShares

    53. MegaTao - RapidShare RssSearch

    54. RapidExplorer - RapidShare Megaupload Search Engine

    55. Busca-RapidShare - Buscador de Rapidshare

    56. DownloadList - Download RapidShare Search Engine File

    57. rsSearch - Rapidshare Search Engine

    58. Rapidor - RapidShare Search Engine

    59. - Rapidshare links search

    60. UVRX - Internet Search

    61. BioScience - Search Shared Files

    62. ShowIP - RapidShare Search Engine

    63. Rapidshare Meta search engine

    64. Rapidwolf - RapidShare Search Engine

    65. FindAnyLinks - RapidSearch and Other Hosts Download Links Finder

    66. RSFilez

    67. Jwagal - Rapidshare search

    68. Search Rapid Share . net - RapidShare Search Engine

    69. RapidSearchLinks - The easiest way to share your file around

    70. Megaxo - Search RapidShare, Search MegaUpload

    71. DDL Search - Rapidshare search engine

    72. RapidSurfing - RapidShare Search Engine

    73. Rapidsharelink - Rapidshare Search Engine

    74. JamesWatt - RapidShare and Megaupload Search

    75. RapidLinks - Locate Your Links Rapidly

    76. FreeXFile - Your RapidShare Search Engine

    77. 890m rapidshare download search

    78. RapidZero - Rapidshare Search Engine

    79. DiggRapidShare - Search Your RapidShare Files

    80. Elite

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    1 decade ago

    pretty sure rapishare only has movie files and dont think they hold documents or programs

  • 1 decade ago

    right click on the link & then click save as.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    email yourself the link and maybe you can try it that way.doubt that would work though

  • 1 decade ago

    no **** at work!

    Source(s): no matter how important!
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