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Do US Army Active Duty Officers and National Guard (AGR) Officers get the same benefits?

I'm still debating to join the Active Duty or National Guard (AGR) as an Officer and want to know if I get the same benefits. Is harder to become AGR? I plan on making this a career and retire after 20 years. What is the pros and cons between the two? Any answers will help my decision to serve my country

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    you can only go full time Guard( AGR) after you have served AD.. and like was already said: openings are hard to come by.

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    They have the same benefits, but jobs for officers are harder to get. Typically you do have some experience before you apply for an agr slot and you need to realize that you are not guaranteed to spend you entire career in the same geographic location. I knew an AGR NCO who went from Indiana, to North Dakota to Pittsburgh and then to Texas. I even knew one who came from Hawaii. I knew many more nco's than officers. Are you in ROTC now. If I remember correctly, some officers were commissioned AGR and had the chance to apply for active duty.

    Here are some cons that I was aware of:

    1. when the military draws down - you are the first to go.

    2. you move just as much or more than an active duty soldier.

    3. since you are not on a base, you have to travel to get to the nearest commissary and px (or shop online).

    4. if you are activated with your unit, your spouse does not receive as much support. I am not saying that there is not any support but experience has taught me that the active duty spouses receive much greater support because they are on a base.

    I think that if I were you, I would go active duty first or reserve duty first and then think about the agr program when you have had enough time in to really know what you are doing.

    Source(s): former usar officer
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    Officer AGR is very hard to get. If you want a 20 year active duty retirement, you need to go active. If you have civilian interests and also want to do the Guard, go for the Guard.

  • You can not enter the guard as a a AGR soldier. You must first be in the Guard. As others have said openings are few and far between.

    Source(s): Retired ARMY MSG worked 15 years with Guard
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    The benefits are the same.

    But you have to have military experience to be AGR

    And there are very few opennings.

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    what is in-it-for-attitude...will get you nowhere.

    Source(s): SFC...USARR...ADA/Cav/NBC-NCO
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