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Is Canidae a good, reliable dog food brand for my Pitbulls?

I am looking to switch my Pitbulls to a new dog food that is premium.

Does any one have good/bad expirience on the brand Canidae?

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    my dogs do great on canidae. i feed the all life stages formula because i have 3 dogs all different ages. they like to eat it (that's always a good thing,) it makes their coat shiny, they have solid stools, good eyes & teeth, and are all around healthy dogs. also, it's one of the least expensive premium foods. and it has high quality ingredients from the US, no corn, byproducts, hormones, synthetic vitamin k, etc. the formula change they did last year caused problems because some people didn't transition their dogs slowly enough, and some dogs are sensitive to those changes. it's not a problem with the formula. i'd definitely recommend it, and formula change or not, it's still a five star food.

    oh! and canidae also makes a grain-free food now.

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    This is a great question and you should do your research very carefully! Everyone is going to have their opinion but that does not mean it is the right food for your dog. I just lost my seven year old German Shepherd to cancer and that is when I went searching for the cause. I came across a website on the internet that shocked me into disbelief that I probably had poisoned my dog to death and didn't even know it. Most dog foods are loaded with hidden poisons and other obscenities I still have a hard time grasping. I am going to give you the website address so you can read this report and learn what is really in commercial dog foods and you can make an educated decision like I did on which dog food to buy! I wish you all the best!

    Click the link below to get this eye opening report:

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    I've never used it, but it is a premium food with decent ingredients & has an affordable price.

    The basic chicken & rice is a little grain heavy, but the all life stages formula has more meat based protein so I would choose that over the chicken & rice if your dogs don't have any allergies.

    I'm on a pet forum and many people there use it and love it.

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    I feed it to my pit mix and have for over a year. The ALS kibble.

    It's a meat based food, hormone and antibiotic free meats, all ingredients sourced in the US, no corn, wheat, soy or byporducts. Good price for this type of food as well.

    There was a formula change last year. We had no problems, but were able to transition slowly. , Some owners had trouble because the formula did change substantially and they didn't know it was changing.

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    Canidae is a very good food, especially for the price. It's cheap & healthy!

    Go for it!

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    I would recommend Canidae it is a good quality food.

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    from what i know recently canidae has come into question about the quality of their new recipe. they changed the old formula (most frequent customers had no idea). the new formula has accusations of making dogs sick though not fatal.

    some customers have shied away from canidae. i personally feed my dogs innova.

    i would check into innova and blue buffalo

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    Make sure what you buy is high in protein, not grain-based, and that it's AAFCO-tested. The AAFCO, the American Association of Feed Control Officials, is a watchdog group that sets food-testing and labeling standards.

    Here's more info.

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    It's good. I feed it to my kids on wednesdays and tell them its stewed beef. With a bit of instant mash they loves it!

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