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xoxo asked in Pregnancy & ParentingBaby Names · 1 decade ago

Do you like the name Mara?

Rhymes with Sarah incase you dont know. I'd most likely use it as a middle name (if at all) I think its a nice alternative to Marie. What do you think? Do you like Marie or Mara better and can you tell me some first names that might go with it? Stuff like Hailey Mara, those are the kinds of names i like thanks! :)


Also did you think it sounded different until i said it rhymed with sarah? would it be confusing?

Update 2:

lol it does rhyme with tara

Update 3:

Yellow Giraffe you must be psychic cause i love all those first names. Yeah i love stuff like Analiese, Hallie, Marissa, Christine just to give you guys an idea. I really didnt think that Tara was pronounced other ways....interesting.

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    Well it's a bit confusing because Tara and Mara and Cara can be said different ways. My name is Tara, and it doesn't rhyme with Sarah, it is pronounce 'tah-ruh': http://inogolo.com/pronunciation/Tara

    I personally don't like Mara, however it is pronounced, but I do think it is a nice alternative to Marie.

    Anneliese Mara

    Grace Mara

    Ashlyn Mara

    Isabelle Mara

    Keely Mara

    Abigail Mara

    Charlotte Mara

    Kailey Mara

    I don't know, most names would go with it, lol! If you gave me more names you liked I would be able to find some other names.


    EDIT: I agree with Cat about the Sarah and Sara thing, that happens here in Aus, well most of the time! Maybe it's just because I know a Sara which is pronounced 'sah-ruh'.

    Haha, well the names you just listed would go with Mara, except probably Marissa!

    Bailey Mara

    Alyssa Mara

    Savannah Mara

    Natalie Mara

    Alexis Mara

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yeah I did think it sounded different, at first thought, I imagined Mara as in Tamara. But..I kinda like it. :)

    It would be kinda confusing to other people, unless you spelt it as Maira or something, though it's way better as Mara for sure!

    Here's my suggestions....

    ~Raina Mara

    ~Kendra Mara (I like this one)

    ~Nessa Mara

    Source(s): Made em up on the spot, so sorry if they're no good
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    I like it but I would read it as rhyming with Tara. Phonetically this name rhymes with Tara or Sara. Maira would more likely be pronounced correctly.

    In England we say Sarah (sai-rah) and Sara (sar-a), so I was confused!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It's a nice name. It reminds me of the creepy little girl from the film Village of the Damned, but it's still a nice name. It's pretty. C x

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  • I always pronounced it as Mar-uh, not Mare-uh. =P But it's one of those names you can pronounce differently. Like Tara. It can be Tar-uh or T-air-uh / Tear-uh.

    I like it either way. It's a pretty name and it's not common at all. =)

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  • 1 decade ago

    I like Mara. It's different.

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