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有人可以幫我中翻英嗎? 英文自傳

我的名子叫xxx,我出生於1992年8月14日, 我的故鄉是非常優美的城市苗栗。

我有三個親人 爸爸 媽媽 還有一個是跟我雙胞胎的弟弟 ,爸爸是一家電器公司上班 ,媽媽則是在一家補習班理擔任導師 ,家庭算是小康,父母都很努力不斷的工作賺錢,為了提供我跟弟弟最好的學習環境 ,我非常感謝他們 ,我覺得我能出生在這個家庭真的很幸運。



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    My name calls xxx, I was born in August 14, 1992, my hometown was extremely exquisite city Miaoli.

    I have three family member father and mother also to have one am with my twin's younger brother, the daddy am an electric appliance company go to work, mother is holds the post of teacher in a supplementary class principle, the family is well-off, the parents all earnest efforts unceasing work makes money, in order to provide me with the younger brother best learning environment, I thank them extremely, I thought I can be born very luckily in this family really.

    I go study at present xxx high school, reads is in the school comprehensive high school, the subject aspect is the school which walks toward the electricity aspect also arranges us to be admitted to a school the card to illuminate, my card has the homepage according to at present to manufacture the third class ˋ hardware repair third class, my interest is the surfer also has plays some on-line game, may find the very many knowledge origin in the network, may let me know more knowledge, in me thought life worried time plays some on-line game, may reduce me in the schoolwork pressure.

    In goes to college in four years, I hope me not only then specialized subject ability, but also can increase own language ability, will let me also have in university's schoolwork on the future work place may have the competitive power.

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