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Does a steam mop really do the job?

Im looking into buying a steam mop. Right now the flooring I could use it on would be my decent size kitchen, half bath and full bath but planning on buying soon. Is one really worth buying? Do they really do the job they say they do? I wanna kill germs without the harmful chemicals. I've seen on info-mercials where you can clean base boards with some, steam drapes and eliminate dust mites. Know of any that can meet my needs? I saw a Shark Steam Mop and hand held steam bottle at SAMs has anyone used this paticular one? If so, do you like it's performance?

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  • M M T
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    1 decade ago
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    I bought the Shark steamer that looks like a small canister vac; the steam generating tank is on wheels and it has a long hose that the attachments fit on because I thought it would be more versatile. And I use the thing all the time! And it does work great!

    I use it to clean floors, counters, appliances, windows, walls, trim, bathroom stuff, the gas grill. I have even used it to strip wallpaper and defrost a freezer! I put the hose to my carpet machine in the bottom of the freezer to suck up the water and used the steamer to blast the ice off. Instead of 4 hours later, I was done in 45 minutes!

    Key to getting great results is pairing the steamer with the microfiber cloths. They wipe up and clean better than anything else! And since you're a Sam's shopper, they have the cloths; a bundle of 24 is less than $10. When they get dirty, you toss in the washer (no fabric softener, please) and dryer and you're good to go again. I use the microfiber cloths to dust with (no buying disposable dusting things), as a dish cloth and for just about any other cleaning.

    But when cleaning with steam you have to be a bit patient. Allow the steam to do the work and then wipe up the dirt. We're so used to having to scrub something to get it clean that cleaning with steam throws you a bit of a loop. If you let the steam do the work, no more scrubbing. Just wipe the dirt away.

    I have had my steamer (and microfiber cloth) clean things other cleaners wouldn't even put a dent in. Old house, flat painted walls, thought the only solution was to repaint. (we are working on it!) But the steamer took ground in dirt off walls and trim that other chemical cleaners didn't. And it does wonderful on windows! Bear in mind, most window cleaners leave a film and the first time you clean your windows with steam, it will take a bit longer to get that film off. But when that film is gone, there is nothing for the dirt to stick to and they stay clean longer!

    I'm not impressed with the fabric steaming claims but then I've never seen a fabric steamer actually work. It would certainly work to take a couple wrinkles out but it does not give you the same neat finish an iron gives. And it's almost impossible us to know if they really kill dust mites. I would think that if the mites were in the top couple inches of something that the steam could penetrate that far and kill them but there are a lot if "ifs" in there.

    Do read your owners manual and learn how to operate the cleaner safely! These units do generate a lot of steam and steam can burn badly! If the directions say allow 15 minutes to cool before refilling, make it 30! And don't guess. And I bought my unit at Lowe's for about $100.

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  • 3 years ago

    Do Steam Mops Work

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I own a Bissell Steam Mop and it works wonders on my hardwood and linoleum floors. 80% of my house is hardwood flooring and its a hassle to keep it as clean as I like it. However, my cleaning time was cut in half with a single purchase. My Bissell Steam Mop. It makes my floors so clean that I can walk around in bare feet without getting dirty. Here's some reviews on some different steam mops.

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