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Anonymous asked in Cars & TransportationCar Audio · 1 decade ago

i have decided to get a fi ssd 15" 2 ohm sub now i need a 2 ohm stable amp to wire it to?


Fs: 25.9 Hz | 25.3 Hz

Re: 0.75 Ohms/coil | 1.5 Ohms/coil

Qms: 4.78 | 4.89

Qes: .65 | ..58

Qts: .57 | .52

Mms: 246g | 258g

Cms: 0.15mm/N | 0.15mm/N

Sd: 810cm^2 | 810cm^2

Vas: 141.3 l | 141.3 l

Spl: 87.6dB 1W/1m | 87.8dB 1W/1m

Bl: 9.3 N/A | 00.0 N/A

Xmax: 21mm

Rms: 800W

Sealed box: N/A cuft

Ported box: 3-4 cuft @ 33Hz

Sub OD: 15.625”

Cut ID: 14.125”

Mounting depth: 8.000”

Displacement: 0.17cuft

those are the specs i wanna try to stay in the $200 price range so i can get my full system for around $400


it is dvc so i would need to get an amp that i can wire down to 2 ohms

Update 2:

Wiring Recommendation: The DPX11551 does not have a built-in fuse, nor does it come with a fuse. According to the manual, this amplifier has a 200-Amp fuse rating. It is recommended that a 1/0-gauge amplifier wiring kit be used with the included 200-Amp fuse.

a few thins with that the amp doesnt have any fuses on it ? is that safe and also what if i cant afford to get 1 gauge wire can i use 4 or 8?

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  • MDC
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    1 decade ago
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    Since it is DVC 2 ohms that means you can either wire it to a 1 ohm or 4 ohm load. That means you should look at an amp that is around 800w RMS @ 1 ohm or 800w RMS @ 4 ohms.

    I actually have a perfect amp for you. It is a really good deal and will be perfect for that sub. It is also exactly in your price range.

    Wire it like this...

    If you got the BP power option then I would suggest looking at the AudioQue AQ1200D. It is a very well built amp though it does cost a little more then the Clarion.

    Good Luck!!!

    Edit: It is safe to not have a fuse on the amp as long as you have one on the inline power wire. As long as you don't get a fuse over 200A you will be fine.

    Since you are only going to be wiring it to a 4 ohm load to put out 850w RMS then you would be able to get away with a slightly smaller wire. If you had a good quality 4 gauge wire you may be able to use it. You would need a smaller fuse then a 200A though as you need to protect the wire.

    What budget do you have for an amp kit? I may be able to find a good one for you.

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