Ruger Mini-30 or AK-47, which is more accurate?

Which is more accurate between a current production Ruger Mini-30, and a semi-automatic Russian made AK-47?

Also, which is more reliable?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    your ak will be more reliable and accurate. mini 30's are an okay plinker gun but can be vary inaccurate and piss poor grouping. I have a mini 14 and a mini 30 both are great guns but the ak's I own a russian and a yugo are way better, even my sks is a more accurate guns than the mini 14 or 30.

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  • 4 years ago

    Ruger mini 30 is more accurate, but power's the same. AK can be cheaper, and easier to clean. Mini 30 is a ruger(some people like rugers). Pick neither. An sks is what the ruger should have been. Also 7.62x39, but way better. The reliability of an ak( made by same people), and the accuracy of the ruger. Also, usually about $200-$300. By far the cheapest. But of the two you said, I'd take the ruger. I hope this was helpfull.

  • 1 decade ago

    despite all the anti-russian AK bashing going on the net, ignore it. the AK systems are very accurate weapons especially the ones in 5.45/5.56. if you want a 7.62 one get a russian AKM or AK103. a romanian, yugo or bulgarian AKM would also be great. the only problem with AKM accuracy is that the sights are a bit more different from western sights and a bit harder to use, but you will get the hang of it ;)

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