How can i connect my lg env touch to boost mobile?

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    If it is a Sprint. Yes. If a Verizon. No. Here's why.

    It can be used but it has to be on the right one of TWO different Boost mobiles. There is the walkie talkie/sim card Boost which runs on Nextel and called Boost iden. There is the other one with no sim/no walkie talkie and runs on Sprint called Boost cdma. You need to get a Sprint phone to run on Boost cdma. Any Sprint phone will work on Boost cdma except for the Palm Pre and Samsung Instinct. But there are some hoops to go through to get your phone on.

    Boost iden has had and continues to have these problems which are WELL documented and widely reported:

    1)Slow unreliable texting. 2) Constantly dropped calls. 3) Calls not going through. 4) Rude and generally poor customer service.

    Boost cdma has a LOT LESS of those issues. A lot less. I can talk. I've used it for 14 months and was talking to another guy from my state which hated Boost iden so much, that when he switched to Boost cdma, he was stoked.

    Boost cdma has these advantages in addition to having better talk/text quality /reliability. 1) TRUE 3G web. Cdma internet is MUCH faster then iden internet. Iden is 2G. Basically, it's like a mobile versionof dsl vs . dialup. 2) You can use a huge variety of Sprint (NYSE: S) phones (without flashing) on the Boost network . This gives you access to cool phones and you pay NOTHING to get it on. If you tried to flash a phone to Metro, it both costs money and you risk bricking the phone, if the flash goes bad. 3) Customer service is very good.

    It has these minuses. 1) Nobody knows about it. 2) You have to pay taxes on the plans depending on your state. 3) You have to take a number from one of the original 13 states/markets it was opened in if 4) You might have to finagle things a little to get things done.

    If you want to go Boost cdma, buy a used Boost cdma phone.There are only 3 models, all Motorolas. C290/W385/Krzr K1M. Call 1-877-TLK-MORE. Hit prompt at Unlimited by Boost (cdma). Hit zero 10 times if they ask you for a Boost number. Wait for a rep. Tell the rep you want to activate your phone. New phones are free ,used ones are $15.

    You MUST open your account with a Boost cdma phone. There is NO way around it .

    Ask if you can get the $50 Unlimited Nationwide Everything Cdma plan. Activate your Boost cmda phone. Call back a little later.

    Upgrade your phone to a cooler Sprint model if you want by requesting a phone swap/switch. Don't tell them it's a Sprint, just give them the esn/electronic serial number. Keep trying. It's worth it. Sometimes, some of the reps may be more helpful then others (especially getting a Sprint phone on. ) If you call 1-877-TLK-MORE rather then 611 for customer care, it will increase your chances. Their best reps are there.

    If they say , can't be done, keep trying till it is.

    Some links on Boost cdma users. The two lowest links have people who successfully put Sprint phones onto Boost unlimited cdma.

    Sprint phones on Boost cdma are not supported by Boost or Sprint. The people here know a lot and can be like an unofficial tech support if something happens after the fact.

    More info:………

    Original 13 markets: Alabama, Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas. Give them an address from these areas if you don't happen to live there. Just give them any address you find online.

    If this works out for you, please tell as many of your friends about it as you can and maybe even lend them your old Boost cdma phone to get their line started before they put that cool Sprint phone on their account.

    Thanks and good luck . Mind you, Sprint and Boost cdma tech support will NOT help you as your phone is considered an unsupported model . For help, go to Boost cdma forum for unofficial help.

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