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Stabbing stomach pains?

Well it started yesterday evening after football practice (right as I was getting into the car. It is like a stabbing pain in my bellybutton/lower stomach. I don't know if it is exercise related because it is the first time it has happened and I exercise a lot. Most of the time it is fine but if I leaned back or even stood up straight it just hurt like hell. Bending over stopped it. What can I do about it? And what could it be? I took the day off today to give it a rest but other than that I don't know what to do.

By the way I'm a 13 year old male if it makes any difference.

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    my buddy had the same problem and he found out it was his appendix that tore. i dont know how long the pain persisted but the doctors told him its a good thing he went to the doctor so they could remove it ASAP because he could have died....

    i would say go to doctor...

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    I had the distinct identical trouble as soon as. It bought so unhealthy to in which I might be doubled over in affliction. It might be many matters. My general practitioner concept it was once an ovary problem, however they ran such a lot of checks and have been in no way definite what I had. I might move to the general practitioner. It's more secure to have it looked at. I desire the whole thing is going good. :)

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    First see your Dr. Do not wait. It could be so many things yet it may be nothing. Watch for black tar looking stools,(may be loose or solid if you see this, and or your tummy becomes more tender to the touch get to your dr do not waste time

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