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Are Scorpios and Libras a good combination?

Would they be better off as friends,best friends, Boyfriend/Girlfriend or would they possibly be enemies?

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    There might be some discord between them because Scorpio is quiet and mysterious whilst Libra is chatty and open. Also, Scorpio is a water sign whereas Libra is an air sign. Scorpio is emotional whilst Libra is rational. That said, opposites can attract! Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Libra is ruled by Venus so these two signs can be drawn to each other. Although they are not a traditional pairing, it can be an interesting match if they work out their differences.

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    that's a god point,.. and from personal experience,... im a scorpio and libras just don't go well with me,.. im very deep and passionate, while the libra is more into the practical side of love, so they really aren't that serious about love, so better stay as friends!

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    they simply would have sympathy for each other, but .......a love relationship or deep friendship would never work out in the long run. That's how it is with any signs that are right next to each other....they are almost completely opposite. To be able to get along very well and bond deeply, they would need to have a fair amount of shared planet placements which increases similarity in their needs and natures

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    Friends at the least.

    It's chaotic and volatile as anything more.

    Source(s): Cancer/Leo Moon Scorpio Rising.
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    Friends at best. Anything else is delusion at its finest.

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