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Dog food poll, dog food poll?

If you raw feed, do you feed BARF, Raw Prey Model, or other (please specify)?:

If you feed dog food, what brand do you feed?:

How does your dog food brand rate here ( http://www.dogfoodanalysis.com/dog_food_reviews/ )?:

I'm not going to discourage thumbs-ups and thumbs-downs because I feel that they help people realize whether or not they are feeding a good quality food.


Bonus Dog Nutrition Information:

http://www.dogfoodproject.com/index.php?page=main (Learn how to determine the quality of your dog's food.)

http://www.dogfoodanalysis.com/dog_food_reviews/ (Rate your dog food! Four stars is a decent food, five stars is a great food, and six stars is an excellent food.)

http://www.dogaware.com/dogfeeding.html (DOG NUTRITION)

http://www.rawfed.com/ (RawFed)

http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/rawfeeding/ (Raw Feeding)

Update 2:

For those interested, my Dog Nutrition group on Facebook:


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    Hey Darksong, long time no see! : )

    I'm getting a redbone coonhound male pup 3 Fridays from now, and he's getting a raw diet. I'm still researching the differences between a prey model and raw meaty bones, so I'm a bit undecided there, but definitely not going the BARF route - I just don't see the evidence of carnivorous canines consuming plant matter in the quantities that BARF research insists they do.

    Anywho - yup, raw food for Satchmo. Before deciding on raw, I was leaning towards Blue Buffalo Wilderness, Taste of the Wild, something like that.

    Source(s): Soon-to-be mom of redbone coonhound Satchmo Current Veterinary Technician student Years of personal and professional experience
  • Diane
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    4 years ago

    1. I feed all 11 dogs Orijen (6 Fresh Fish and Adult formula), I rotate with EVO and Innova and have used Nature's Variety Raw. 2. It is absolutely a high quality food, no doubt about it. 3. All of my dogs look amazing, everyone comments on how shiny and soft my Chihuahua's coats are, since most have dull hard coats. Everyone is a once a day pooper and are at perfect weight. 4. I would not switch, I'm very happy with Orijen, I think it is one of the best out there. I would only consider a few to be worth of switching to. One being Natures Variety Instinct. If I had time to feed all 11 complete raw, that is the way I would go. Right now they are only on 1/3 raw. 5. I have been feeding Orijen, EVO, Innova and raw for a long time. I started out with Canidae, and it is a decent food but I was not happy with the quality of it, it did not achieve the same results and my dogs craved better taste. When I first brought home the Orijen, Canidae was like cardboard and nobody would eat it. 6. Research, Research, Research. Dog forums, Rescues and trainers. *Griff takes a bow* "Thank you!"

  • I give my dog Innova Red Meat Small Bites, a 5 star rated food according to dog food analysis. It's mixed with Innova Flex: Chicken and Rice.

    I would eventually like to get him started on BARF or Raw Prey Model in the next couple of years, however.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I feed 6 star rated Taste of the Wild High Praire to my 4 year old and my 3 month old. I believe grain free is best when feeding a commercial dog food. I don't have the time or money to feed raw, and I don't know how my dogs would react to it.

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    I feed Taste of the wild High Prairie formula and for a treat sometimes they also get canned Blue Wilderness mixed in. Both of these foods do great for my two small low energy senior dogs. Both are rated 6 stars.

  • I feed a rotation of Eagle Pack Holistic and California Naturals.

    I live in Australia, so most of the 5 & 6 star rated foods aren't available here.

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    I feed my dogs Canidae ALS, which rates 5 stars on dogfoodanalysis.

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    I just started feeding TOTW. My 2 love it. When this bag is empty. I am going to try the salmon.

  • i feed my 2 pits canidae alf.

  • 1 decade ago

    I cook chicken and rice and give that to the dog. She flatly refuses to eat any store bought dog food.

    I have cooked for all my dogs and they have been healthy ( one lived to be 16 yrs. old)

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