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poll: what is your dream job?

what is your dream job?

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    A personal shopper or a casting director.

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    Ugh, I've been asking myself that for the past few months and it's still confusing me. My problem is my skills, personality and interests are all over the place so there are a lot of different jobs that appeal to me.

    1) Oceanographer.

    I love the sea, I grew up surrounded by it and it always manages to inspire me and set me at peace. This job would probably inspire me and give me the most serenity.

    2) Meteorologist. In the same way that the sea captivates me, watching the extreme forces of nature inspires and humbles me. I would probably also love to do this for a living.

    3) Architect. I love to envision and create things, to be able to design buildings and structures, then watch them come to life would be amazing.

    4) Archaeologist. Uncovering new and undiscovered remnants of the past fascinates me. This job would most likely keep my inquisitive mind at bay even if it did become a little tedious.

    5) Jewelery designer. I love minerals, gems and fossils, to be able to work with them to design a thing of beauty would be amazing.

    6) Writer. I love to write, to express my thoughts and feelings through written word for others to share in.

    7) Lawyer or Solicitor. I like the challenge, to constantly test myself in a career like this would keep me entertained and give me a sense of self-satisfaction and achievement

    8) Real Estate Proprietor. I'd love to test my skills in buying and selling estate.

    9) Photographer. I love to snap things with my camera and seem to have a knack for capturing unique shots at just the right moment.

    10) Programmer. Not a particularly thrilling job, but it can be a challenge. I studied this for the first time in college and found that I had a real talent for it. As long as I could be on the creative side as well as the technical side I'd be alright with this job.

    11) Pilot. I love the idea of flying.

    12) Ship's Captain. Again my love of the sea is showing itself.

    13) Inventor. Not really a job, more a past time, I love to experiment, to find out how the world works and ways to improve it.

    14) Artist. I love to observe and recreate what I see for others, but artists can't really make a living so this would be more a hobby than a job.

    15) Singer. Not likely to happen. I know I have a good voice, I've been told it all my life by singers, musicians, family, teachers, friends. I enjoy singing in many forms (modern cult music, classic music, opera etc.) but I can only do it with the anonymity factor or as part of a group. I'm just far too shy to sing solo in front of an audience.

  • Janice
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    My wife and I have a dream of owning our own skating rink to host roller derby events and run a skate shop. My current job is pretty nice though. I build Mack Trucks on the assembly line, and I feel a sense of pride every time I pass a Mack on the road and think "There's a good chance I helped build that."

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    My dream job is to be a writer (a published author for teenage girls to be more exact) which I am currently in the process of making into a reality.

    Oh... I also want to be on American Idol, like, so bad! Damn that stupid age restriction! I'm going to be 16 the month AFTER the deadline for auditioners! Is that SOOOO horrible????

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  • Krazy
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    I'm living one where I help people in difficult situations. Another dream job is to be a writer.

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    Being President of the United States Of America:]]

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    Dream - Singer or Actress

    Reality - Owner of a record shop

  • Anonymous
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    Own a Small Business

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    Curator of the Air and Space Museum in the Smithsonian.

  • Anonymous
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    I'm living my dream job!

    I'm the Joker! Being a homicidal maniac with no other goal but to kill a man that dresses like a bat!

    I'm lovin' it.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Social Director on a re-constructed, helium-inflated Hindenburg (dirigible).

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