is it hard to get accepted into minnesota state university mankato?

what is a good class rank and ACT score

what about state

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    It depends on your grades and test scores, but compared to, say, an Ivy League school, UM Mankato is relatively easy. It's self-selective and not too many people know about it outside the area. I think they like an ACT score in the low 20s and a class ranking in the top 50%. I'm assuming this is for undergrad, so if you're thinking of it for grad school, I don't know. The school websites should have specific info. If you're an in-state applicant, you'll have a greater advantage over those not from Minnesota; the funding is better and if you meet certain criteria, you are guaranteed admission.

    I have heard St. Cloud is about the same: not well-known, not too demanding when it comes to admission rankings.

    Good luck with whatever your college plans are!

    Source(s): Just graduated from Gustavus Adolphus College near Mankato and St Cloud.
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    Mankato State University Ranking

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    4 years ago

    I hear Minnesota State college in Mankato,MN is quite severe high quality even nonetheless that's a small campus yet once I have been you i'd pass to the U OF M in Minneapolis,MN. The campus remains very severe high quality yet lots larger than Minnesota State college in Mankato,MN

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