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Can a person cycle 80 miles every day for a month?

I live 40 miles (65 kilometers) away from my work and I want to take the bicycle to work during the week from monday to friday. This will save me money on fuel ($700 dollar a month I will save by cycling).

So going to work on the bicycle in the morning (I work from 9.00am to 5.30pm) and going back home again in the evening on the bicycle.

Do you think it is possible to cycle 80 miles for 5 days a week? I want to keep this up for at least 2 months..

I live in a flat part of the world where there are no mountains and no hills, the whole 40 mile long road is leveled. So there will be no uphill cycling.

I am 24 years old and I normally go running 4 miles once a week and workout 2 times in the gym each week (including swimming). I never used my bicycle in the last 4 years.

I have a mindset of "do it the extreme way or don't start at all". What do you think my chances are? :-)


By the way, I will take rest on saturday and sunday. So I will only cycle 80 miles a day for 5 days a week (monday to friday is cycling).

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    it will take 4-5 hours at least though to do it

    you are going to need extra food for sure

    how is fuel costing you $700 a month though, for 1760 miles?

    does your car get 6 mpg?

    [[2.50 a gallon gas]]

    or does gas cost $8 a gallon?

    [[20 mpg]]


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    The first week or two you'll be tired, but you will adapt over time. After a while you should be able to work up to a 20mph pace (being flat land) and that would make it a 2hr commute each way. If you want to spend 4~5 hrs a day on a bike go for it, but in bad weather take the car.


    Drew.... do the math, he is working 5 days a week not 7.

    AND only do 40 at a time with a 8 1/2 hr break in between.

    PLUS this is at his pace and not one set by team ASTANA.

    The guys in the tour would hardly consider 80 miles on flat land much more than a warm up.

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    Say you were going 20 mph constant for 2 hours, that would be 40 miles. I don't think you would be able to do it. What if it rains? You would be spending at least 4 hours a day commuting. What a waste of time. When you get to work, you would be all sweaty. Not a good idea.

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    Typical 24 year old rationale.. macho-man... muscle recovery and development is very important and won't be as effective every day. You need rest days. I'd recommend MWF bike ride (depending on the weather). 60 year old cyclists who can easily ride 40 miles in so utah with hills in 2 hours.

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  • 6 years ago

    may be u can do 2-3 days/Week on cycle if you are enthusiast . but this is not a point to cycle 65kms+65kms daily. you will hurt ur knees. ur legs need rest also ,

    so u can drive for 4 days and cycle for 2. . or 3 may be.

    also too much cycling effects ur manhood. --> only if ur weekly avg is more than 250kms, than ur sperm count will be effected.

    also u will exhausted , might not be able to focus on work .+lot of things.

    i suggest do 2-3 days/week on cycle if u want. or u can buy a Bike, it will give u 4 times better aVg than Car .

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    Dude, 80 miles a day for a month is 2480 miles in 31 days!

    For example, the 2009 Tour de France, the hardest bike race in the world, was shorter than that, so, unless you're Lance Armstrong's big brother, forget it!

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    Work up to it, put your bike in the car, drive 30 miles to work and ride the last 10, then keep doing this untill you park 15-20 miles away and just repeat until you hit your 40 miles.

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    It's probably possible, but I wouldn't suggest doing it. I commute about 25 miles a day, 6 days a week in NYC, and I have to bring a change of clothes with me because by the time I get to class/work, I'm completely soaked.

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    80 miles a day is probably OK for a very well fit cyclist. Whether may be a factor too. I would start with a couple of days trial - if you can do it for 2 days in a row - go for it.

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    A one day ride to work and back will tell you. I would try the ride on a Saturday it might be Sunday before you get back. You haven't ridden in 4 years, you would be lucky to get there with your butt still attached.

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