My son has severe acid reflux and has been labeled "failure to thrive" He is just over 7 months old and weighs?

13 lb. 2 oz. He throws up 1-5 times per day and cannot possibly get the recommended 24-32 oz. of formula in each day. I have started some solid foods for him, oatmeal, pears, prunes, green beans and he likes a bit of mashed avocado if I mix it in with other things. He doesn't take in enough solid food during the day to add to his calories significantly. Anyone have any suggestions on foods or anything we can try to help boost his caloric intake each day so he can grow? We already do all of the basics...thicken feeds, holding him upright after, he sleeps on an angled mattress, we do many small more frequent feeds, he has a GI dr. that isn't much help and he is on Prevacid and Zantac.


It isnt Pyoric Stenosis, he has had 2 upper GI studies as well as a partial barrium swallow.

He has to be on Similac PM 60/40 formula because he also has Nephrogenic Diabetes Insipidus.

We are going to a new Pediatrician next Monday, and I will have them check his ears. He does seem to have a lot of wax that needs cleaning out every couple of days!

We are also requesting a new GI Dr. He just spent 2 more days in the hospital and had a scope with biopsies and a 21 hour ph probe test and his current GI dr. says she saw "nothing significant". I've even taken to videotaping his episodes because I wonder if they think I'm lying!

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    First, I wouldn't be horribly concerned by the weight just yet. My daughter is 13lbs 1oz and she just turned 7 months old. My older daughter is the same way. As long as your little one is not losing weight, you're not in the "danger zone" yet.

    As far as the other concerns, I would try to avoid things that are acidic. A lot of fruits and juices are acidic. I would stick with bland foods like oatmeal in order to either help or at least keep it from getting worse.

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    I am so sorry, this must be very difficult for you! I wish I had more to suggest but well, my Mom said I use to throw everything up, and the doctors were sure it wasn't my formula. They finally said I was allergic to, well just about everything! When my mom switched doctors when I was 8 months old the new doctor found a build up of wax in my ears to rival a wax museum, once he got all of the wax out my digestive system seemed to work properly.

    have you tried an ear Dr.?

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    Can the pediatrician prescribe a special high fat formula for you? Maybe something like what they give preemies to get their weight up. I would also ask for another GI doctor; are they sure it isn't pyloric stenosis? At that age he should really be getting most his nutrients from formula still so I don't know what foods would help.

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    Try keeping snacks around constantly. That will help him get a little bit more of his calorie intake. Still feed him at regular times. Having something in his stomach all of the time may help with his reflux giving his stomach something to digest instead of nothing and getting sick from it.

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    Formula has more calories than solid foods so I would stop solid foods and concentrate on feeding him formula frequently. It will help if he always has a bit of formula in his belly. The more solids you offer the less formula he will take...

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