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why do people think synchronized swimming is easy and pointless?

im a synchronized swimmer, and i hate it when people say that its not a sport. i was wondering why people think that its easy? please don't say that you dont know because synchro is soooo beautiful! i know that already. i just want to know why people think its not a sport.

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    Because without doing it, it seems effortless and so easy.

    HA. To those.. try it. You have to be in tip top shape and bring your a game. Its not easy. It just looks that way.

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    for the same reason that so many people don't think of cheerleading as a sport even though there are more dire and even fatal injuries in cheer than any other sport every is partly because of the beauty factor and they think the sport is easy because the performers always have a smile on their faces.....many people don't understand the degree of physical difficulty, fitness level and mental concentration involved......most people have done some amateur form of certain high school football, baseball, basketball, biking, swimming, diving, track and field etc etc so they can relate to those sports.....fewer people have actually been on a cheer squad or participated in synchronized swimmimg so they have no point of reference or experience.....which is a nice way of saying that they are speaking out of ignorance ; ]

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    Because when they watch it on tv every 4 years, the swimmers make it look effortless. Actually, a lot of people think that no kind of swimming qualifies as a sport. People simply don't realize what goes into it.

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    I know it's not easy, because you can't touch the bottom of the pool. But it is sort of pointless.

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