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How is Mrs. Sri Lanka helping her province by lying about the nature of her travels to China?

I would think that censure of the council up to and including dissolvement as well as very thorough review of dealings at home as well as in China are in order.

"However, the Members of the JVP in the WPC have not participated in the tour protesting against wasting public money. Mr. Waruna Deepthe Rajapakse said despite the tour being labeled ‘an educational tour to study provincial council affairs,’ China doesn’t have any provincial council system. He said the tour was a ‘joy’ tour and the three members of the JVP in the council would not take part."

It is piteous that this group of overindulged politico-spawn cannot even get a simple task as garbage collection and disposal or or canal cleaning achieved but they manage to musted 30M in TAXPAYER funds for such shenanigans. Rosy's ties from her duration in Malaysia also cultivated some LTTE - terrorist and collusionist affiliated ties that are now under investigation.

It is difficult to deny knowledge of such when party stalwarths such as SB Dissanayake has refused contributions from said enterprises. The road that your "leader for life" Ranil takes you on is still not fixed with blinders to you. I am hopeful that Presibent Hu will look into these dealings in China because it can be safely ascertained where there is one set of terrorist connections there are likely others that may affect China's domestic or international finance situations.

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    Lying does not help her province.

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