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How do I fire my stock broker?

and how do I transfer my stock investments to another broker?

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    Hi Nezz!

    If I were you I would call the broker and tell him not to trade anything in your account as you want to make a change.

    Find a broker you can work with, and take a recent statement from your current broker when you meet with your new person. The statement should have all the information your new broker needs to do an ACAT (broker acronym meaning account transfer). You won't need to do much more than fill out a new account form.

    Make sure you have copies of all the paperwork you sign with the new broker just in case of a snafu.

    Hope this helps.


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    Hire another broker. They will take care of account transfers. You won't even need to talk to your previous broker.

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    call up your brokerage firm and speak to a supervisor, and request your account be transfered to another broker in the firm. If they ask why, simply say you don't have a good charma with your assigned broker,and would like to have another broker to handle your account.

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    Just go to another broker that you prefer and have them transfer and/or ACAT your account at the other firm to your new broker, its actually very common and easy to do. You don't need to have any contact with your old broker if you don't want to. : )

    Good Luck.

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    1 decade ago

    Find the broker you would like to take over your account. They will do the firing for you.

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