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what kind of infections make your arm pit glands swell?

i am about 15 weeks pregnant and next week i go to my baby doctor...And in both of my armpits i have lumps and they hurt like hell. i got like 2 answers on my last question only saying it could be an infection, Now my question is, What kind of infections cause this? and can this wait till my appt next week so i dont have to make another one?


ty amanda just what i was lookin for

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    Lymphadenitis is an infection and inflammation of one or more of the lymph nodes and usually results from an infection that begins near a lymph node. Often caused by Staphylococcus aureus bacteria, this condition affects the nodes in the neck, groin and armpit. It sometimes strikes individuals who have had coronary artery bypasses using a saphenous vein from the leg: The removal of this vein is accompanied by removal of related structures of the lymphatic system, lowering immunity to infection.

    Lumps in the armpit (axilla) may arise from various causes, including:

    * Bacterial

    o localized infection, possibly somewhere in the arm or breast draining into the glands of the armpit, or infection within the armpit itself

    o cat scratch disease

    o ascending lymphangitis

    o lymphadenitis, lymphangitis

    * Viral

    o infectious mononucleosis

    o chickenpox

    o herpes zoster (shingles)

    o HIV disease (AIDS)

    * Malignant

    o Hodgkin's lymphoma

    o non-Hodgkin's lymphoma

    o leukemia

    * Fungal

    o sporotrichosis

    * Antigenic

    o smallpox vaccination

    o typhoid vaccine

    o measles, mumps, rubella vaccine (rare)

    o allergic reaction possibly caused by sulfa drugs, iodine, or penicillin

    * Other

    o lipomas (harmless fatty growths)

    o benign cyst

    o normal breast tissue (breast tissue extends into the armpit area)

    I hope that helped in some way!

    Good Luck and congratulations on your pregnancy!

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    well lumps in your arm pits are generally to do with your lymph nodes which is part of your immune system... so really it could be any infection...

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