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Is it good or Bad taste too make fun of a players Disfigurement?

Is it right or wrong to come on football forums such as this and make fun of the disfiguring injuries of players like Carlos Tevez or Jolean Lescott?

I know Carlos Tevez is inspirational to many people like war veteran Simon also. and give hope and belief for people who have suffered serious burns.

Jolean Lescott is also providing inspiration to young and old disfigured like the boy in car accidents and other life changing events where there is always going to be that permanent reminder.

I have a beautiful niece who looked like a little Angel and in my eyes and her parents eyes still does. but because some idiots decide to drink and smoke weed and then go and take a drive. My nieces life has been changed for ever. the idiots did not notice the lights had changed and hit my sisters car on the side. the idiots were protected by their air bags but no air bags in the sides of most cars. This was supposed to be her and her friends best day ever. going on a school trip abroad. first time ever abroad. so you can imagine the excitement of two young 12 yrlds. after the accident my sister spent 3 weeks in a coma but made a full recovery just a scar under the hairline. My nieces friend had a broken neck but luckily made a full recovery, physically but mentally the girl is forever changed. my niece being on the side that took the main hit spent four months in ICU was touch and go if she survived. thankfully her Angel brought her through. but she now has a huge metal plate in her head which will have to be changed as she grows. so alot more operations through her young life. but she suffered major scarring to her face and head. even after the years of plastic surgery operations she is to go through. she will always be scarred.

How hard is it to tell a young girl that life goes on when her friends and everyone she sees in the media worries about just having a pimple or blackhead. and she has huge scars. and with the shock she has alopecia.

I show her people like Carlo Tevez and more importantly Jolean Lescott who like her survived a car accident and still carry on and to her he now is a bit of a hero. I would like Man |City to get the boy just so i could take her to a match to maybe get his autograph.

I ask this question as over recent weeks i have seen some questions that are of such bad taste they are shameful. I have seen carlos Tevez mocked but thankfully even the Man utd fans showed their disgust and the questions were gone.

Mostly trolls who asked and answered those questions. but i saw a question yesterday in which Lescott was mocked for his looks because of his injury. and what shocked me was the answers were not trolls but major users on here and all joined gleefully in mocking the players injury.

Thankfully the question has been removed but obviously not by all those that answered.

I would just ask can we give some thought to even answering questions that are so disgusting you would slap them if they said it in front of you.

In these days of people driving while drinking or taking another substance. or stealing cars to Joyride. its more likely you or someone close to you will be in my position sooner or later. I hope it never happens but its a now a higher risk.

Can we let common sense and basic human decency not too let those who think this kind of thing is funny. get away with it by even giving them the courtesy of an answer.

thanks sorry if its like war and peace its just something i felt needed pointing out.


Danny what is good and healthy?

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Danny what is good and healthy?

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    It is definitely not good to make fun of players disfigurement. First, I would like to say that I'm sorry about your niece and the rest of the family. I hope she's doing fine and so is her friend. I understand how it feels. I'm a twin. I had two other twin brothers. They were angels and still are. We were so thankful once they were born because my mom had so many miscarriages. One day, due to a car accident, they unfortunately were injured severly. Next day in the hospital one died in my arms. God has taken them away. I feel bad every time I remember it. The day of the car accident, their bodies changed. Anyways, I'll move on because I'm crying thinking of this. Nobody, famous or not, rich or poor should be made fun of because of their disfigurements. They should be thankful that nothing like that happened to them. They should just ignore what happened. If they don't have something nice to say, then they don't need to say it. I don't judge people because of their appearance of disfigurements, I judge them based on their personality. Those who have made fun of them, don't understand what it feels like. My point is, if they wer put in Tevez or Lescotts' place, they would shut up and keep the harsh to themselves.

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    Thank you for sharing your story with us all. It's never right or humorous to make fun of or mock anyone about disabilities or how they look.

    That includes people who others mock as simply ugly. People cannot help how genetics deem they shall look and it must be hurtful for them to hear or read comments people make so blase and condescendingly about them as though it's OK, as though alright to do it. It isn't.

    In cases like Tevez, Ribery etc, I admire greatly that they have continued with their lives and chased their dreams. They are an inspiration and remind us that character not looks are a most valued quality.

    Those that have suffered disabilities and or disfigurements deserve respect and support. I hope your family stay strong and continue to give her all the positivity she needs. I hope she continues her recovery .God bless her and she will be in our prayers.

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    Totally disgraceful , and there is a Utd supporter on here mocking Tevez. Did he do that when he played for them.

    They will be an inspiration to kids with scarring etc. Both probably earn enough to have top class plastic surgery, and most likely have chosen not to.

    I'm not scarred but had polio as a kid, and wore a caliper for a few years.

    I have been on the end of this mocking and it is horrible.

    Hope your niece is strong.

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    you asked this ages ago, but it popped up as UC above had starred it so i felt compelled to read it.

    Sorry to hear about your niece, you can never understand how mentally hurtful this can be to a person's life. My mate had a car accident when she was aged 17, 10 years ago and she lost all the front of her head of hair due to a burn and she has a scar on her forehead..... she was devasted for ages but the support of her family and friends helped her thru.... like your neice will be ok if she has a good family support.

    People who take the pi$$ out of disfigurements are sad and ugly (on the inside) people, they are probably loathing themsleves in some way. i always do believe that bullies are often a victim of bullying themselves.

    like Lescott and Tevez who have made their names and made a successful career in life, i am sure they are strong enough to rise above.

    beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. appearance is nothing. trust me, if anyone is worth knowing, they gotta know this

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    it's cruel and disgusting behaviour from individuals to take the mickey out of people's disfigurement as if everybody on this section are all Adonis's or Megan fox's and if they were they certainly wouldn't be on this site.

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    And thats one of the reasons why David Bentley should be banned from football because he was drinking and driving...look at Harry Redknapp, look whats happened to him because his car have to show players what they do off the pitch can affect them on it...

    I dont know who made fun of Lescott or to what question you are refering to but it is wrong...i heard his story a while back about how he was bullied...but look at him now...

  • Dan
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    No mate we should not at the end of the day what has happened to these footballers could happent to our kids or like you your niece and we would not want anything said about them. It is not right to make fun of anything like that no body deserves it

  • This has made me very sad having to wipe my eyes i am so sad for you and your loved ones. please tell her to be herself and not worry about anyone but those who love her.

    My Boos also sad what you are saying Blue and Lady, what nice people all of you. xxxty

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    its wrong to make fun of ANYONE based on their looks. its shallow. rather look into the persons heart and see what kind of person they truly are.

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    i've said it all along bud... if you can laugh at somthing that happened to a child .. you will get no respect from me ...

    Source(s): not that it would worry to many people ...
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