Help. United States Postal Service wtf?

I bought a tennis racket from on ebay and this was express delivery the most expensive one bcos i really needed it.I live in London and the delivery was said to take 6-9 days. I made my order on August the 6th it is now The 17th and i still dont have my racket. On the track and confirm site it said it had spend 5 days in customs and they had tried to deliver to my house at...wait 4 it...


How the heck was i supposed to be awake and expect my delivery then!

Now i have no way of contacting them because I dont have a zip code bcos i live in england thus i cant access their email to email them.They left no note through the door. So please someone help me WTF? I'm really angry

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    I would make a copy of your tracking information and bring it to your local postal office, see for sure if the item went through there system. It would seem very unlikely that they would ever attempt a delivery at 4 am in the morning. I almost wonder since the tracking was initiated by the USPS. in the States, if it might not had been there time and not your local time. Like I said Go To Your Post Office and Check !

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    Contact and ask them where the racket is and tell them you didn't get it and you want your money back. It is their responsibility to make sure you get it or you will write a negative comment on their ebay account. Take what information to your post office and see if they can help you. Can you tell us where you need a zip code for, maybe we can look that up for you. Usually if the post office or UPS can't deliver an item because no one is home, they leave a yellow postcard in the mail box and you have to go to the post office and get your item from them. I would ask your post office for help. Good luck.

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