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Do most realize that the Canadian health care system is failing?

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    Not all state-supported health care systems are failing, but many of them are struggling to keep up with rising costs, particularly technology costs. But a Canadian doctor cited in the link said Canada’s system is “imploding,” i.e., it is failing. Sweden is encountering serious cost problems, as are Britain and France.

    The countries that are doing best with NHC are countries with young, relatively healthy populations. It is much less expensive to treat a young person with dengue fever than it is to treat an old person who has had a stroke or a heart attack. Both may die, but the dengue fever victim will probably die quickly; the older stroke or heart attack victim may hang on for years.

    And, no, I am not suggesting we implement Sarah Palin’s “death panels” to decide who will get healthcare and who will be allowed to die. Let’s face it, we’re not going to provide a heart transplant to a 95-year-old person. He/she would probably not even survive the surgery, or even the anti-rejection drug treatments.

    There are some things we can do quickly to slash the cost of health care:

    Lift the prohibition on government-sponsored health care programs that do no allow them to negotiate lower prices with pharmaceutical companies.

    Build more wards in hospitals and reduce the number of private and semi-private rooms. Most people, particularly those who are ambulatory, who need to spend a few days in the hospital will do fine in a ward, and it will cost a fraction of what the rooms cost.

    Regulate trial attorneys. They are driving up costs to line their pockets. It’s not just the often huge judgments they win, but the settlements they get from insurers to avoid litigation costs and the fear they engender in doctors. Best case, the doctors practice defensive medicine and order every test available to try to sue-proof themselves; worst case, the doctors pay a fortune for malpractice insurance (here in South Florida, that may be as much as $250,000 a year).

    Obama is currently attacking insurance companies for “holding America hostage.” He has not said one word about tort reform. But, of course, trial lawyers are reported to be one of his top campaign contributors.

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    Yes along with the England health care. Not enough doctors on the

    NHC system and they are backed up. But.if you have MONEY you can afford to jump ahead and get service at a private entity. Gee that sounds like medicare with another ins. to cover the other 20%. Many doctors are not taking Medicare patients because they do not get reimbursed enough for their service. We need reform but not with the government involved.

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    Canada and England they are returning to private option because the care is so backed up. Obama will dump his plan only because he is failing in the polls and that scares him! Hopefully he will adopt the Republicans idea of co-op plan for those who work and can't afford it and open the free market for the states so insurance co. will be able to compete and prices will come down. This is what the people want not Gov. deciding for us what is needed to preserve our life.The poor have medicaid and th elderly have medicare that they have been paying for all their lives maybe now he can fix these programs since they are going broke.

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    i answered a question yesterday where one poster said one of the things he has is the NHS system along with a "private" "supplemental" for what he called "queue jumping" i revealed the fact that if the government systems were so great (as he stated he felt the NHS system was great) why was he paying double...taxes for one but needing another one for jumping in front of the line. we read in the link that canada is now thinking the same thing. i believe these were some of the concerns us mobsters have been voicing along with "unsustainable" part. so the dirty little secret is, sure everybody has healthcare but the governments can't keep up with the costs. we have a poster that says "so is ours" and they are right, something has to be done, but there are many ideas and proposals to look at first before government should even think about coming into the picture, but for some who think and want government first just can't get beyond that mindset. here's the posters answer to my use of his example...


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    What a surprise from people who want more money?

    We must ensure we keep the greedy American money people out of Canada!

    Socialize more not less!

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    Where have you been?

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    funny, so is america's

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