Virus??? Cant access the internet.?


Let me start by first giving you the basic info. I use a compaq pesario cq60. it runs on win vista home basic and i normaly use IE8 to browse the net.For antivirus, i have norton internet security which came pre-installed in the machine. Though the virus definition database is over 365 days old.

Internet connectivity, i got a huawei e160 modem. ISP is one of the local mobile phone operators(safaricom). Am sure the modem is working fine coz it works perfectly well on other computers. Thats why i think a virus is causing this problem.

After loading the first webpage i always seem to lose internect connectivity forcing me to reconnect and load another single webpage!!.

Please help me with this. Your suggestions will be appreciated.

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    I do not personally think uninstalling Norton just now would be helpful.

    Try updating it first. If you can't get Liveupdate to work properly, download the updates separately at

    I suppose for your version of Norton you should use the first one on the list. Transfer this file on your computer and open there. It will automatically update your definitions to the latest. Next start your computer in SAFE mode (press F8 just before Windows logo appears on starting computer) and run a full system scan to make sure no virus/malware or spyware present.

    If the problem is not a virus it may be with your modem driver. Look for the make/model number of your and download the latest drivers online and reinstall.

    All these will work only if you find/borrow another computer to download the necessary files.

    Hope this helps!

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    I hate Norton, your choice, your problem.

    I use McAfee, my choice I never have a problem with viruses.

    Tried Yahoo AntiSpy yet?

    When was the last time you did a disk cleanup?

    And a Defragment?

    Either way you need you need to scan your PC for spyware and trojans, do a complete disk cleanup and defrag and then run a virus scan.

    Start, all programs, accessories, system tools, disk cleanup and defrag are both located in this folder.

    Clean out your browser cache, go up to SAFETY at the top of the page and find DELETE BROWSING HISTORY delete everything on that list as often as possible you may deside not to do Passwords but is you want to make sure someone is not running a hijack on you do so at the risk you choose.

    Yahoo AntiSpy toolbar is free and guaranteed free for LIFE!! It cleans up trojans and spyware, malware, worms and adware and should be run 4 times a day if you surf lots.

    If you have an internet connectivity issue it may also need to be looked at by your IP company if they haven't done so already.

    Most internet providers will wine and complain and say they don't know or can't fix an issue but if you have a crap connection it is their fault, get a Cable Modem connection no DSL or dialup and get away from paying for satellite Internet too cuz when it rains or is cloudy you can't get a signal either.

    Basically if you use a local company you are not using a cable connection the cable connection is 5 times faster and runs lots better!!

    If you have a corrupt file it can also cause issues.

    type in the run box chkdsk /f /r exactly as you see it here, you may have to restart and it will do the whole deal by itself and find and fix all corrupted files.

    P.S. Beware anyone stating they want you to download any programs that you are not familiar with their main company. Yahoo is a trusted and certified company and has the highest trust rating online. You choose!

    Good luck hope you resolve your issues.

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    Use another computer to download the following programs from

    1) Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

    2) Spyware Doctor Starter Edition

    3) Avira AntiVir Personal

    Install the first two, then uninstall Norton, and install the final one (Avira). Try updating the programs before running them. If they don't, scan with them anyway. Then try updating them, repeat as necessary. If your internet connection still appears to be faulty, download and install Comodo Firewall.

    All of these programs are free, offer top notch protection, and work perfectly well together.

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  • ok. that's get started. so first thing first. try a hard wire Connect. if its works. then its your wireless card. then you should been smart and updated your virus. i have norton too and i have got a lot of updates. so you might want to learn about updating and smart computer safely before. going one year without any updates. also try mcafee.

    and u might want to get some spyware and melware software on your computer.

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    Its not a virus. there might be a problem with your winsock.

    And Norton sounds suspicious for me.. try to remove all norton / symantec product and download free antivirus such as Avira or Avast (I recommend Avast).

    and see what happen

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    doesnt seem to be virus to me

    try update ur antivirus

    if the antivirus runs out of date, it will block ur browser access to the internet~

    you can quit the antivirus and see if that solves the problem..

    you can uninstall it if you like~~internet speed is faster without that on ur own risk..

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