why do people say mayweather is a runner?

he is undefeated

he has edged every fighter on the compubox numbers

he had a close fight with castillo and he avenged it in dominating fashion..

he fought de la hoya at de la hoyas weight, gloves, venue, all de las demands

he looks like he wasnt even in a fight after its over...

every fighter that critics have said will dominate him or bring something that he cant handle have been embarrsed!

how is that running or scared to fight

there are few fighters that are savy enough to survive in this game and not let the game beat them..

how is that being a coward or a runner??

i bet i dont get one intellegent reason to call him a runner other than just being a hater because they dont like his attitude..

aaawwww snap here we go again.....


edit: margarito was a nobody at that time. and he took 8 million to fight baldomir the guy who beat his so called kryponite zab judah. at that time margarito was known among telemundo fans and thats it. also...... why do i care? BQ: why did you answer? nobody cares what some far right conservative glen beck/rush limbaugh nuthugger thinks. go shout nonsense at a townhall meeting or something. and being that blacks only make up 13% of u.s .population we werent the only ones who voted obama in. get it right and stop listening to bs

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  • Sean G
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    1) because they dont really know boxing or Floyd's history. They didnt see him fight Ndou, or Corley, or Castillo

    2) Because they don't understand the art/science of boxing. Boxing is a game of hit and avoid being hit...Floyd is the best at this. Boxing isn't 2 guys standing toe to toe slugging for 8 or less rounds. The casual fan thinks so, but boxing is about footwork, headmovement, parrying, angles, shoulder rolls, bobbing and weaving, retreating to lay traps...the masters do this...if you see the history of boxing you will see how Leonard made the mistake of trying to slug with Duran and got beat up.He came back and decided to box the next time. You can't always slug.

    3) because he hasn't fought Cotto, Margarito or Mosley. People often belittle Floyd's resume but a closer look shows a very good quality of fighter he fought.

    HIs 17th bout was against Tony Pep who was 39-6 and held several titles. HIs 18th bout he won his first title against 38-1-1 Genero Hernandez. He would defend that title 5 times against good fighters including then 25-2 Angel Manfredy. He would move up to 135 against a very tough Emanuel Augustus. Then he fought undefeated (33-0) Diego Corrales and win by a resounding KO. After his 8th title defense, he moved up and took (45-4-1) Jose Luis Castilllo's title at lightweight. It was a close fight but instead of ducking Floyd would dominate in their rematch. He would defend his light weight title 2 more times against Sosa and N'dou. Then he moved up to Jr Welter fighting (28-2) #9 ranked DeMarcus Corley. He'd win that fight despite a hand injury. He'd win against easy competition Bruseles. Then he destroyed Arturo Gatti who was 39-6 and favored by some to win. He moved up to welter against 54-6 Sharmba Mitchell. Then he dominated 34-3 Zab Judah. Then he dominated the undisputed welterweight champ Carlos Baldomir (who was on a 21 fight unbeaten streak before Floyd). Then he got a cautious win against 38-4 Oscar de La Hoya at 154. Then he dominated Ricky Hatton who was at the time the 43-0 Jr Welterweight champ and a top 10 p4p opponent (2005 Ring magazine fighter of the year). These creditials dont sound like a ducker...and Emanuel Stewart has said as much. A lot of Floyd's later choices were economic...not to duck other guys but he didn't fight Cotto and Margarito because there wasn't any real money in those fights at the time (not De La HOya or Hatton money).

    It's is Floyd's smarts that make people say he is a runner. His defensive style. I also think people say these guys weren't that good because how Floyd ruined them and people forget how good they were suppose to be and what they were suppose to do to Floyd before they laced up their gloves and the fight actually happened.

    *L1RK1N...Cotto's fan base couldn't match De La Hoya's or Hatton's at the time. Cotto also wasnt the undisputed /Ring welterweigth champ like Baldomir...those choice made better sense than Cotto (at the time).

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    Why do you insist throwing around the 'hater' word because I do not like Mayweather? Barry Sanders was my favorite football player when I was a kid, he had a special talent, he made the biggest and fastest athletes in the world look foolish like they were not really on the same level. He would score touchdowns, he would never celebrate and throw it in people's faces. He would have easily shattered footballs all time rushing yardage record. My point is he was better then everybody, but he didn't brag about it, he didn't throw it in people's faces and say "look at me everybody". He didn't think he was special like you know who, He was not this arrogant, and prideful. Those are the reasons I don't like Floyd, it really has nothing to do with the way he fights. By the way Manny has a 76% KO ratio and Floyd is 60%, so ofcourse most people will always like the higher KO guy.

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    He's got a talent of picking the fight with the least risk and the most rewards. Thing is, there are some fights that fans want to see that he is avoiding. Pacquiao-Mayweather is a classic. And he avoided that by signing with Marquez just before Paman's fight with Hatton. Is he scared of Pacquiao?

    Others have brought up Cotto and Mosley. But all those are OK. Everybody knows that the money would be in Pacquiao-Mayweather. That would be HUGE! And probably worthy of fight of the decade honors. There can be no other explanation than the fact that he is singularly scared of that fight.

    On the other hand, Pacquiao and Roach knows that they would be underdogs in that match-up. In an interview with Roach, he clearly said "that match-up would give us problems". Nonetheless they said they are willing to fight !

    And Pac would fight anyone they put in front of him. I mean c'mon, right after Margarito destroyed Cotto, Pacquiao was practically begging roach for a Margarito fight! It was Roach who stopped him and said he was insane.

    Pacquiao also wanted to fight Mosley and that would have been great too, but I don't know. Cotto, as far as my opinion goes, is the more challenging fighter. And in any case Mosley would probably be considered in a future fight unless Mayweather is able to get over his butterflies and sign up.

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    The 39-0 is there because he was out for 2 years. that is why the sucker is still undefeated. Because he knew 2 years ago that his next fight was going to be with one of the top dogs. and what does the boy do next, goes into hidding to avoid losing his illustrious record of 39-0. That's what makes Floyd a Fraud. You all Floyd nughuggers are drinking from the same cool-aid. In boxing, and only in boxing if you want to be recognized as the baddest mofo of the block--top dog of the hood-- you have to prove it physically not verbalize it. And yes he has to prove it by fighting Shane, Cotto, Pacman, Margo and Paul Williams, all true welters top dogs. I don't want to hear, he beat Baldomir, Sab, Corrales, Castillo,,,this guys were not the top dogs during their prime times.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yeah, Floyd's a runner, he ran Hatton's head into the turn buckle with power shots, lol. Floyd will pot shot jabs and stay out of his opponents comfort zone if that is what it takes to win, he's a professional. Whether you like the tactic or not, when it's effective Floyd has the ability to apply it, but when the need arises or the tactic is ineffective, Floyd can and does adjust. As difficult as this may be for Floyd's critics, he is just as good a slugger as he is a boxer, whatever works is how Floyd will fight a specific fight. Few fighters have the dexterity or ability to fight the way Floyd does, those that can do it become the elite of their era's.

    Floyd is a gifted boxer, and there is no denying his talent level, it's elite. The implication of the word "runner" has negative connotations that shouldn't be applied to Floyd, the skill level that Mayweather boxes at deserves more respect, even from those who don't necessarily enjoy his style of boxing. You are correct that there is no Intelligent reason to criticize Floyd in this manner. People say Floyd is a runner out of either ignorance or jealousy. Somehow I don't see fear as much of a factor in Floyd Mayweather's boxing style.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Because he retired at 30years old and said he was the best p4p ever.He said he was better than Sugar ray Robinson and he can't back it up.He talked garbage to the late great Oscar De La Hoya.He ducked Paul Williams,Sugar Shane Mosley,Antonio Margarito,Miguel Cotto.He runs his mouth and picks his fights,his promoters doesn't tell him who to fight.He picks his own fights.

    There are way better p4p's.

    First off floyd can't touch Roy Jones Jr.

    Hell no he's not better Than Robinson.

    Not Better Than leonard.

    Not Better Than Hearns.

    Source(s): Boxer.
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Lets just make this simple: He ducked guys that were cruising at the time, and were considered one of the best in the world, in Mosley and Cotto. Sure, you could say that Mosley isn't a big draw, but so is Mayweather, but Mosley was still one of the best. And Cotto had a huge fanbase, why not fight him? You were a supposed moneymaker Floyd, why didn't you fight any of these 2 guys after the Hatton fight?

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    There are several types of boxing fans. There are those who appreciate the art of boxing (these would be fans of Mayweather, Jones Jr). Then we have those fans who only appreciate the fighters that go forward in the ring, stand toe to toe, have brawling exchanges.... these fans are the ones that usually call Mayweather a runner... because the fact that he fights moving backwards in the ring.

    Then we have those fans that are open to both styles... that appreciate the overall various styles that my be displayed in the ring.

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    Not many said Floyd was a runner.

    He was criticized by experts and fans because he didn't fought the best competition. I myself is amazed with his boxing skills especially his defense and punching accuracy, but I feel he wasn't able to show his full capabilities by fighting the best. Floyd fought the best at Jr. Lightweight and Lightweight, but above those weights he fought less stellar opponents. It can be a bit confusing at times, people brand him a runner, but it is mistakenly supposed to be a cherry picker. He is not a runner inside the ring, but a master of defense and he is great with that.

    Also, casual boxing fans like action rather than a technical chessmatch.

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    1 decade ago

    since leaving the lightweight division, Floyd has avoided most of the toughest opposition available. he didnt want Margarito when they offered him 8 mil, he doesnt want Mosley or Cotto, and forget about Paul Williams. he fought a 35 year old De La Hoya and got split decision against a part-time fighter. Mayweather beat Ricky Hatton and he gets credit for that, but as Pacquiao proved, he is not exactly all-time great material. being undefeated is great, but it seems that after a while, Mayweather seemed more intent on keeping that "0" at the end of his record than to really accept challenges and take true risks to achieve all-time great status. havent you noticed that he is fighting a blown up, 35 yr old lightweight in his next fight?

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