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I have Felipe López and Freddy Sánchez on my fantasy baseball team and looking to better my team...?

Do you guys agree I would be better off with Shin-Soo Choo or Marlon Byrd and drop Sánchez for José López? The reason I have kept López is because he plays 4 positions but figure I should cut him before the playoffs but do it late enough to where the other teams can't tell how good my team really is til the very end and I hope they won't be able to make a move to adjust.

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    Shin-Soo Choo is a much better choice than Marlon Byrd. Choo is a 5 tool player with a batting average close to .300, 14hr's, 67 runs, 65 rbi's, and 17 stolen bases. Byrd has a slightly lower batting average than Choo. He also has 12hr's, 48 runs, 57 rbi's, and 6 stolen bases. Those statistics alone should be enough to help you decide who to keep.

    José López is definitely a better hitter than Freddy Sánchez. Jose will give you more power numbers (hr's & rbi's). Freddy seems to keep his average around .300 so that's his only advantage. Their runs scored and stolen bases are pretty similar.

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    this sounds like a good move, do it

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