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If Boise State beats Oregon....?

If Boise State beats Oregon in a blow out and wins out, do you think that the polls will finally push a non BCS team into the fictional championship?

I will sweeten the pot, Oregon wins the PAC 10 which includes a blow out of Utah a few weeks later. Tulsa wins C-USA but loses badly to Boise State. I will go even further and say that only one BCS conference team is undefeated, if that is not enough I will say that Boise State is the only undefeated team... still not enough? Boise State wins by an average of 45 points... still not enough (insert what it will take please).

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    Boise State is not going to blow out Oregon. They may win, but it will be a competitive game. And Boise will not win its games by an average of 45 points (that's ridiculous).

    But to answer your question, if, hypothetically, all of your scenarios come true, Boise will be in a BCS bowl game. That's the best they can hope for. The only way they will be in the BCS National Championship would be the perfect storm of Boise plowing Oregon and everyone else on their schedule, Oregon going on to win the PAC-10, and the winners of other power conferences, like the Big 12, SEC, or Big Ten having more than one loss. Even then, it would be a huge stretch. The BCS simply will not allow it.

    If Boise ever wants to win a national title, they have to move to the Mountain West Conference to start with. Tougher opponents with more national credibility. They'll never gain any credibility with the BCS by destroying their WAC schedule (which is basically loaded with glorified 1-AA programs, with maybe Hawaii and Fresno State being the only other semi-competitive programs in that conference).

    They also need to schedule games against elite competition for their out of conference schedule. But it's easier said than done. I commend Oregon for having the stones to do a home and home with Boise. Most of the elite programs will have nothing to do with Boise. They're afraid of getting knocked off. Boise is the Gonzaga of college football. No way Oklahoma or most other elite programs would schedule them. These programs have nothing to gain really by beating Boise, but everything to lose.

    Bottom line. Boise needs to be playing in the Mountain West, which I think they will be eventually. Once they are there, they can gain credibility by beating up on their conference schedule, as well as beating a quality out of conference opponent or two. Until then, any dreams of playing in the BCS title game are just that. Dreams. And they'll likely be left out in the cold again if another Mountain West school (like BYU, Utah, or TCU) goes undefeated again and steals their thunder. It's too bad. I'd love to see a playoff system where a team like Boise could truly prove how good they are.

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    Well, first of all there is absolutely no way Oregon will blow out Utah, and there's even less of a chance that Boise will blow out Oregon.

    But even if your scenario came true, Boise would probably get into a BCS bowl, that's about it. That's the reality of this bull$hit system.

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    I thought that non BCS teams should not get a shot at title after I saw Hawaii get destroyed by Georgia. But after Utah beat down of the best teams in the country in alabama, I changed my mind. Boise should be in the title game if they go undefeated. Only if no more than one BCS team is undefeated of course.

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    You're thinking way too hard. Wait until the season starts and they actually win some games. Either way they won't be given much consideration untill they start playing heavier teams and win big out of conference games.

    Winning a BCS game on a trick play can only take you so far.

    Start beating better competition and your team will get the credit where it's due.

    Oregon has never been a true power house so if they beat them people will just yawn and say ok .. now what?

    I'm serious. (smiling)

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    Dude I live in Northern Nevada and thus my team is UNR (go Pack!!). However we are part of the WAC and all I can tell ya is I hear ya man. Its about money. Pure and simple How much money can they draw? How many is the enrollment of the academic as whole? And most of all its who they can play and win against that is important season AFTER season. Furthermore it will take two other teams in the WAC to start showing similar stats. (IMO) Its the conference as a whole that needs to draw that attention not just one team. Otherwise they will shuffled in limbo between mid level conferences decade after decade.

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    Not much could top what Utah did last year, and all they got was a lousy "Sugar Bowl Champs" t-shirt.

    So no, I don't think so.

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