An idiomatic expression (need your help)?

Current TV, the youth-oriented cable network that Gore launched last August, has been picked up by Comcast for its digital tier, and will reach 17 million homes as of this week, says Gores's business partner Joel Huatt. The network is in negotiations with cable systems in France, Germany and Italy, and expects to achieve the relatively rare feat of becoming profitable in its first year. Says Hyatt: "We are just on fire." Additionally, Gore has begun a London-based equity firm with former Goldman Sachs Asset Management CEO David Blood. It's a partnership that, despite its nickname Blood & Gore, aims to invest in socially responsible ventures.

All this would be hard to walk away from. Or, looked at another way, it would be a good source of seed money for a return to politics. Gore boasts of [moving the needle] in the climate-change debate, but he conceded in his New York appearance, "Look, I'm under no illusion that the office of the President is second to none in its ability to make changes and get things done."

Note [moving the needle]. Could anyone explain it in a simple way?


so, "moving the needle" is a simile here, right?

Update 2:

To christopher: How did you know there are two sides, man made global warming and naturally occurring warming cycle, since the whole context does not talk about the both?

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    it is a simile and simply means adding pressure or putting pressure on the issue

    other terms might be:

    upping the ante

    raising the temperature

    running the meter

    going for the gold

    leveraging the lobbyists

    converting conservatives

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  • 1 decade ago

    Let's say there was a meter (or a gauge).

    On one end of the meter is "man made global warming".

    On the OTHER end of the meter is "naturally occurring warming/cooling cycle".

    Now let's say there is a "needle" that moves from one end to the other depending on which side (group) is making the most noise.

    Gore is saying that his new propaganda channel is going to move the needle towards the "man made warming" side.

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