How hard is it to get into scout sniping school once you get out of itb?

im going to itb next week and was wondering if theres even a chance ill be able to get a spot after or not


no disrespect but from what ive heard SOI (school of infantry) is the place where you train for MCT(marine combat training: noncombat related mos') and ITB (Infantry training battalion: combat related mos')

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  • 1 decade ago
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    If you're going into ITB that means you enlisted in a non-combat MOS, therefore you cannot go to scout/sniper school. If you mean you're going to SOI, then you can. Your odds of getting in are low, your odds of graduating are much lower. You must be an expert marksman, be in superb condition, have a **** ton of patience, and an 'eagles eye'.

    Source(s): US Marine Special Operations Forces
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