What's wrong with my nose piercing (picture)?

I've had my nose pierced for almost a month now and this is my second time having it pierced. Both times I got it done professionally and they both ended up looking like this.

http://i223.photobucket.com/albums/dd225/Cassandra... (Oh and by the way, I pushed the jewellery out so I could show you) There's like a little ball of skin around the jewellery. It doesn't hurt but I'm just scared it's going to grow over the jewellery and I don't want to take it out again. What is this ? And how can I get rid of it ?

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    It looks like either a granuloma or follicular cyst, which are both incredibly common with nostril piercings. You don't need to remove the jewelry in most cases. For starters, no more playing with your jewelry. I understand you did for photographing purposes this time, but be mindful about movement of the jewelry as that is what usually causes a these types of bumps.

    If you were started with a longer screw to accommodate swelling, first things first, go back to your piercer and see if it's time to change it to a shorter screw that won't wiggle and slide back and forth so freely. Jewelry that sits crooked or slides around puts uneven pressure on the fistula (healing tunnel of scar tissue inside the hole) which can cause these little flare ups.

    If you already have in standard length jewelry you can apply hot saline (same method as sea salt soaks) or chamomile tea compresses to the bump for ten minutes twice a day. Don't fiddle with the jewelry. Don't push on it, rotate it or try to change it yourself. Don't use products not meant for piercing aftercare such as ear cleaning solution, Bactine, rubbing alcohol, peroxide, iodine, witch hazel or antibiotic ointment.

    If the bump does not reduce in size within a week, go back to your piercer and see what they recommend. If it puts your mind it ease, it does not look like a keloid. It looks like a normal nostril piercing bump. Unsightly and annoying? Yes. Dangerous, untreatable or a sign the jewelry should be removed? No.

    ETA: Since I just saw the whole, "it's an allergic reaction so use sterling silver" comment and I felt a duty to address that. Not to call anyone out, but to bring it to the asker's attention. Sterling silver jewelry is never, ever suitable for a healing piercing. I'm certain the screw is surgical steel. If it is a metal reaction it's rare, but not unheard of, with surgical steel and a switch to titanium jewelry would solve the problem.

    Sterling silver oxidizes inside a wound and leaves a permanent black mark on the surface.

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    It's most likely a friction bump. They are a pain to get rid of, believe me. Mine actually keeps coming back. A piercer would recommend soaking it with sea salt (a pinch of sea salt -not iodized- dissolved in warm water). If this doesn't help, go to the place you got it pierced. Good luck.

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    Inflamation obviously! your bodies rejecting the piercing you're probably allergic to the stud. If it's not sterling silver you will get a Heck of a lot of irritation.

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    i like to combine the saline and chamomile by brewing the tea in a cup of salt water. seems to work.

    go to safepiercing.org for proper aftercare and what to avoid.

    pretty much reiterates what kat says. pay attention to the saline mixture as it is important.

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    It looks like it could be a zit, but you may have already thought about it.

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