Anyone in environmental engineer or have some relation to this.?

Hi, I am thinking about becoming an environmental engineer and I wanted to ask how many hours and days to they have to work and do they have to travel a lot (when I say travel, I mean like from city to city or state to state, etc.) or can they stay in one spot without having to move for a while.?

P.S. Please give REAL and an accurate answer where you know for sure it is right.

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    Part of my job has been environmental engineering for about 30 years. Like all engineering jobs, if it's full-time, it's full time (at least 40 hours/week). Some are 4 each 10 hr days, and some are 5 days. If it's part time, it's typically 24 to 32, and 3 to 4 days/week. Some almost never travel, some will drive within the county or region, and some are on the road all the time. You know what the job requirements are before you get too far into an interview.

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    A good link for you to research for yourself: its a government site so it loads slow, all the gov sites are loading slow now because of the tracking and hack-ware they are uploading to you.

    I have several friends who are titled "environmental engineer" And many of their jobs dont even sound alike. One friend woks for a large construction company, spends most of his time going from site to site addressing issues like proper concrete disposal, fuel and oil recovery from the vehicles/equipment and doing employee training. Most is local and he only travels about once a month but for a few days only. Another works for an oil company, he just looks at records to make sure all the paper work is filed. He doesn't travel at all. Another works in chemical production plant. He draws air samples and water samples twice a day and ships them to a lab. The last one works for a large investment corp that has interest in several companies that either produce products or refine products. All he does is go from city to city collect samples or do paper inspections. He travels about 90% of the time. He travels so much he doesn't even own or rent a home.

    This is a field where you can find a job in so many industries and in every economic area. If the idiot senate passes cap-and-trade, then every single business will be looking for environmental engineers, Schools, Ice cream vendors, even neighborhood associations will be looking for contract people.

    It may be a good field, only you can decide. Oh and all my friends make fairly good money.

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