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Our economic problems (pt. 2) are caused from folks trying to afford what their parents could afford by way...?

...of housing. Agree?

I am not sure what makes folks think they are not slipping down in economic status by generational default. Everybody knows every next generation will be several degrees under the last one economically. DUH.


Agree Bert. The next generation needs to be more mature than us.

Update 2:

The reason why people bought homes they could not afford was because they were priced out of them and didn't realize it you retard CONS.

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    Well Conservatives will still be at it - ensuring the maximum number of citizens are disenfranchised as corporations and special interests systematically and effectively transfer wealth as if New York or Iowa was Indonesia or Ecuador.

    So here are some book titles you won't see on the Fox News readers list -

    "Hey that's Reaganomics" - Wishful thinking and happy thoughts from the Cold War , it's 2009 - and of course - as promised, everything is wonderful, we're so easily able to pay off that debt because of the "peace dividend" - William Kristol

    "Deficits don't matter because we're an empire now" - Dick Cheney

    "Voodoo Economics and me" - George Bush

    "Supply Side Economics - An introduction to the Laffer Curve" - Milton Friedman

    "Trickle-down is just a polite way of saying I've pissed myself" - Don Rumsfeld

    As far as real estate was concerned, I think we can confidently say several economic insights of previous generations may need some - reconsideration.

    On Real Estate -

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    Or Stocks and Corporatism -

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    Of course both market factors were first in line , with hat in hand , when the chips were down.

    Call it socialism for the rich; government market stabilization or whatever you want, but the ensconced powers in our nation have spent the last few decades effectively transferring wealth to the upper 1% of the upper 1% of all people and now we stand in a situation where 70% of ALL wealth is controlled - not by 50% of the people or 30% but by 1% of 1% of all US residents.

    So why have we as citizens watched our corporate strength fly overseas, watched other countries where the dollar is almost infinitely more powerful in real terms, than here in the US, because of wealth over-concentration.

    But while I'm incensed I think we should simply elect politicians who are competent and boycott organizations and firms which offer services or promote media which does not clearly serve the interests of our nation.

    So turning off the rantings of some of the punditry on Fox News is easy.

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    But turning the tide and moving on to more constructive means of living is much harder but, I submit that if we made a national priority of tightening our belts, demanding government spend under it's limits until such time as debt is negligible, by electing fiscally austere politicans who are not ideologically encumbered and being willing to hold them to account, then re-establishing community and localize our consumption and production of goods and services, our business model would flourish.

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    you mean our great grand children will be living back in caves or in trees? isn't a generation thing is a welfare and special interest problem dragging down this country and it's economics.......too many people are growing up with welfare as the main source of responsibility.....did you know that generation after generation is training their children how to survive onm it instead of getting a job?

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    Crazy isn't it. We must tell our future generations that they need to make do with less but pay more for it.

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