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What are some general perceptions about your favorite player? (Try to name at least 3 positives and negatives)?

Kobe Bryant


1. Best closer

2. Best player

3. Hardworker

4. One of the best fundamentally sound players ever

5. great all-around


1. Selfish

2. Crybaby

3. Arrogant

4. rapist?

5. phony

BQ: Are you a supporter of Cavs' pregame antics?

STAR if you can name at least 1 negative perception about your favorite player!

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  • acleex
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    1 decade ago
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    Good question.

    Caron Butler


    1. Good all around player, who will make the shot, go for the rebound, dive for the steal, and make the pass. His stats for a small forward, 20 ppg, 6 rpg, over 4 apg are only matched by LeBron.

    2. Hard worker, not only to improve his game, but also his remarkable life story that he was able to use basketball as a way to step away from crime in the projects.

    3. Focused mentality during all times at a game.

    4. Excellent free throw shooter, one of the best in the league, above 85% last few seasons.


    1. Not a particularly good three point shooter. He's improved here in recent years, but still not like a Danny Granger or a Paul Pierce in that department.

    2. He has been an all star, but pretty much a fringe all star who gets voted in by the coaches for hard work. A number of people think he's the best SF in the NBA after a man named LeBron James, but Caron still doesn't quite have that instinct to completely take over a game in one department or another, whether its scoring or defense.

    3. He is a convict, was arrested 12-13 times and charged many times as a kid. I know he's stayed out of trouble since he came to prep school in Maine and college, but you never know what happens in a player's closet. Many players who are from the streets still show allegiances and come back there often to meet their homies, and Caron does come back to Wisconsin for charity mostly, but the fact that he is a con still is a negative that must be out there, even if he's been a good guy for the last 10-12 years including college. We all thought Mike Vick was a good guy until 2 years ago, right?

    BQ - Their pre game antics have little significance with me.

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  • Kobe Bryant


    1. Best closer

    2. Best player

    3. Hard worker

    4. One of the best fundamentally sound players ever

    5. great all-around

    6. Uses RBT?


    1. Was a Crybaby

    2.Couldn't trust his teammates

    3.Cheated on his wife once

    4.Not rapping at Shaq (Positive?)

    BQ: Only if there is dancing B4 a game and not during. And it must be a home game.

    I would have gave u the star for being a part of RBT

    Source(s): LLCooLJDC
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Vince Carter


    1. Great Dunker

    2. Amazingly Clutch

    3. Becoming More Diciplined

    4. Good At the Jumper


    1. Unconsistent

    2. Injuries

    3. Arogant

    4. Dosent Play to full potential at times

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  • 1 decade ago

    As I said in RBT...

    Brandon Roy


    1. One of the most fundamentally sound players today. He doesn't try to be flashy, and his main weapon is his jumper.

    2. Extremely clutch. Has ice water running through his veins...managed to get a shot off with 0.7 left to win a game...can't get clutcher than that.

    3. A great leader at such a young age. No telling how good this guy can get.


    1. Off-ball play. He needs the ball in his hands in order to be effective. Unlike someone like Rip Hamilton, who can come off screens to catch and shoot.

    2. Sometimes unspectacular. Doesn't take advantage of his athleticism and prefers to play an old-school game (Note - this facet of Roy's game doesn't bother me at all but some may see it as a negative)

    3. Still young and has little playoff experience.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Ray Allen


    1. Best Shooter in NBA

    2. Unselfish

    3. Great All Around Player

    4. Dangerous Clutch Shooter

    5. Mature


    1. Dangerous when angry (

    Youtube thumbnail


    2. Can be selfish

    3.........I just can't think of Ray Ray problems.

    Source(s): ★Mavs in '10★
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  • 1 decade ago

    Joe Johnson


    1. Good Shooter

    2. Good Passer

    3. Sick Handles

    4. Can score in post

    5. Humble


    1. Dribbles to long

    2. Gets into a slump for about 1-2 months

    3. Is either clutch or chokes

    4. Defense is ok

    5. Needs to be more of a leader

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Blake Griffin


    1. Crazily athletic

    2. Terrific rebounder

    3. Good speed for his size

    4. Plays with a lot of passion

    5. Can go out and run the floor


    1. Has some injury problems with his knees

    2. He is below average from the line

    3. His normal shooting could use work as well

    4. Doesn't block enough shots for how big he is

    5. Needs to work on his face up game a bit

    BQ: I've never really paid all that much attention to it.

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  • Vader
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    1 decade ago

    LeBron James


    1. Best player

    2. Hardworker

    3. Do-it-all

    4. Great all around/makes his teammates better

    5. Powerful


    1. Sore loser

    2. Selfish

    3. Crybaby

    4. Arrogant

    5. Self centered

    BQ: NO! I just want to see great basketball, not antics.

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  • 1 decade ago

    LeBron James

    Positive Perceptions

    1. best at chase down blocks.

    2. triple double threat every night.

    3. best power dunker.

    4. tremendous athleticism.

    5. best at driving and finishing.

    He's also multi-talented. He can play basketball, he was nationally ranked as a football player in high school, he can bowl, he hosted the ESPY's and SNL, he eats and writes with his left hand plays with his right, he's an buisness man recently got invited to the Allen & Co. media-industry conference for moguls along with Bill Gates. I mean life is good for Bron.

    Negative Perceptions

    1. ignorant/selfish/stuck up

    2. crybaby

    3. bad sport

    4. ballhog

    5. choker

    BQ: Who doesn't love them. When the basketball is in the air for tip off, game time. What the Cavaliers do before games shouldn't bother anybody. Can't wait for what they come up with this year, even though I have a feeling that they won't do it this year.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Is it okay if i have 2 favorite players? I just can't decide which player i like better.

    Amare Stoudemire


    1.Great Dunker


    3.Can pass good for a big man

    4.can shoot

    5.Fastest center in the NBA


    1.No Defense

    2.Can't create his own shot.

    3.Only a decent rebounder.

    Ray Allen


    1.Best 3pt shooter of all time

    2.Quick release

    3.Great free throw shooter


    5.Clutch shooter


    1.Bad defender

    2.Can only shoot


    BQ: I don't really care about what a team before does a game.

    But they are pretty entertaining.

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