Do Christian denominations steal members from other Christian denominations?

Is stealing the right word to use? How about coercing, tricking, duping, luring, manipulating; all these words are ok to use to describe the practice that Christian denominations will use to increase their membership, right?

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    ...public ridicule of members and leader of a specific church causes a doubt in and withdrawal of membership...

    ...coinciding with announcement of new benefits and trustworthy guidance and leadership offered to current and new church members of the community...

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    No.. How about giving them the truth...Some Christians lack the very power and anointing of Christ within their life and the Christians who are lacking in power and authority are hungry for true Christianity. When they come into contact with those who are truly anointed, they move out to the Living Waters of the Holy Spirit of God. There is no stealing, tricking, duping, luring, or manipulating when you have the very power and Christ has it to give all of those who thirst after more of Him.

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  • 1 decade ago

    short answer:

    steal implies that the church/ temple/ whatever 'owns' that individual.

    so, no.

    do people switch? Sure! all the time.

    i help people do that. been doing it 45 yrs.

    i am one of Jehovah's witnesses, and i visit folks and ask if they are happy with the way things are going. a resounding / N O ! / is the answer i have received in the past 6 months.

    they do not like how their church has supported certain wars.

    they do not like how their church has winked at homosex.

    they do not like how their church has ignored adultery.

    they do not like how their church has repudiated christ's teachings.

    they do not like how their church has weakened against evolution.

    they do not like how their church has shown racist tendencies.

    and that is just off the top of my head.

    people are not happy, so they leave.

    for the 'long answer, i guess i would direct you do your bible,

    mat chaps 5 - 7, aka, the sermon on the mount, or

    lots of info

    adios from the beach.

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    I don't try to get members of another church to join mine.I might tell someone that we would love to have them visit sometime but that is as far as I go.I don't do to others what I would not want them doing to me.

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    Are you a new troll. n_n

    I was getting bored of the old ones.

    RE the question: Yes. All of the time. There is power in numbers. The Mormons are proud about their numbers...

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    Members are people, not objects.

    People choose their own paths, no matter how they come to their decision.

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    Hey Desi! Guess what? You're on top! Just the way I like it! (I'm sure you'd prefer it that way too!)

    And to answer your question... um... yes they do... they are thieves!

  • 1 decade ago

    Of course. That's one of the main things they do.

    You do know that lying for jesus is ok.

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