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Call Of Duty 5 Michael Myers game.?

Well everyone is talking about a new game invented to play on cod 5 free play that is just for fun but i was just wondering how to play and rules and all that stuff... please give me all info you can about it because i wanna try it out with my friends thank you!!

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    michael myers is played like this 1 person is alone on 1 team him being"mike myers" and rest on other team mike myers can only knife other player no shooting grenades betties nothin but ur knife n tabun gas. other players not michael myers have to run and hide from him no shooting or knifing back unless ur the last man alive that when u can knife him back u can use glitches and ur best hiding spots ... perks i use are camouflage extreme conditioning n perk 1 dnt matter and tabun gas have fun and enjoy works better with lots of people and in medium to small size maps 10-15 min time limit game mode team death match n have cooperative players that wont shoot or use grenade bouncing betties and last man alive can knife if not last man alive u have to run away and lose him NO GUNS ALLOWED NO XPLSSIVES NO MINES if u want to play im on ps3 psx MSTNGCOBRA

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    Michael Myers Game

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    My friends and I play two games, one like Michael Myers, and another is more like King of the Hill. The first game is rather simple. My friends and I call it Zombies. One person starts off as it, how you decide is up to you. This person is the Zombie and is infected. All they may use is a riot, throwing knife, and any secondary grenades. Any perk is allowed. The non-infected people can only use hand-guns, with any perks attached. They can also only use throwing knives and stun grenades, no explosives. The Zombie chases them around, and when it kills one of them, that person switches sides and is now a zombie also (I recommend creating a riot-shield class with a pistol with it so you don't need to change classes every time.) You play until everyone has become infected, and the first person infected becomes the zombie the next round. If you play with a lot of people, you could have more than one zombie at the start Time Limit: None Kill Limit: None Health: Normal or Miniscule Game Type: Team Deathmatch Spawn Delay: None The other game we play is more like King of the Hill, except this works better with a smaller group of friends. The basis of the game is that you pick a basic zone or building for invaders to get into, such as a house or something. You have a designated number of defenders, however, the defenders can only use handguns (grenades, throwing knives, claymores, etc. are allowed). The attacker(s) can use whatever gun they want. (Usually there are more defenders than attackers, so it evens out.) If an attacker is inside the zone, and kills a defender, they can't return to the zone to help until either the person is killed or the zone has been successfully captured. Depending on the ratio of attackers to defenders, suppose 5 to 3, then a certain amount of people switch teams and help defend yet again. For example, the 3 attackers kill everyone defending. The last two defenders alive switch teams and become defenders yet again. The other 3 defenders you died first are now the 3 attackers. (Note: I suggest putting the scavenger perk on. Once you run out of pistol ammo, you're screwed as a defender. Stopping power makes it easier to kill people too, so keep it on.) Time Limit: None Kill Limit: None Health: Doesn't matter Game Type: Team Deathmatch Spawn Delay: 5 Seconds or More And here's one more game, although I've only done it on Call of Duty: World at War. Do a free-for-all, headshots only, miniscule health. I'm not sure how you could work this out, since in CoD: WaW, the class you would create would be Trench Gun (Shotgun), Pistol, and Bazooka. In MW2, that isn't possible, for all those guns are secondary now. You could use the shotgun still (not AA-12, that's an automatic shotgun) and semtex to try to make it fun. It's fun on larger levels and a semi big group of people. You can try to work it out. You could also turn health to minicule, and have sniper battles on relatively small maps, but only with the Intervention, no attachments, except FMJ, and try no scoping or quick scoping your friends. It's a lot of fun if you're bored, and the kill cams can look pretty insane.

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