Who should win these starting Qb Jobs and be ranked 1st second or third string?

1. Alex Smith or Shaun Hill 49ers

2. Stafford, stanton or Daunte lions

3. Chad P, or Chad H dolphins

4. Mark sanchez or Kellen clemens. Jets

5. Vince Young, Kerry Colins, Or ramsey Titans

6 Jeff Garcia or Jamarcus Russel Raiders

7. Quinn or anderson Cleavland.

Thanks give me your opinion

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    hill, stafford, pennington, sanchez, young, russell, quinn. hill and pennington are based on last year, the rest "should" be starters because they're all potential guys whose teams need to see whether or not they can live up to the hype they have/had. but of course, most of this hinges on the rest of preseason.

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    1. Hill - he did a pretty good job filling in for smith last year and won some games

    2. Stafford - easily the most talented of the three, followed as Daunte as the 1st backup

    3. Chad P - he started last year and they turned things around to make the playoffs why would they switch things around

    4. Sanchez - like stafford he is more talented

    5. Kerry Collins - same thing as chad p

    6. Garcia - russel needs to sit back and learn to be a quarterback first and athlete second

    7. Quinn - only because i watched anderson play absolutely horrible against the packers in their preseason game saturday

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    1. Hill

    2. Stafford

    3. Pennington

    4. Sanchez

    5. Collins

    6. Garcia

    7. Quinn

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    1. Smith


    3. P

    4. Sanchez

    5. Colins

    6. Doesn't really matter, they are going to suck anyway

    7. Quinn

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