plz plz answer.???????????????\?

can you name 10 major texans who helped iound and shape texas

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    1 decade ago
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    Stephen Austin

    Sam Houston

    Anson Jones

    Mirabeau Lamar

    US President John Tyler

    Santa Anna (?)

    Edward Burleson

    James Bowie

    William Travis

    Henry Smith

    Look on Google and Wikipedia for more info.

  • i live in texas and i have known them Sense i was a baby:david(davy)crocket ,jim bowie,santa anna,(yes i know he was a bad guy),stephan.f austin,sam houston,pimp c,me,h.e.butt,and aww forget it i lied but i do live in texas

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    sam houston, crocket, travis, bowie. hope this helps

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