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Who is the conservative that decided that health care is a privilege and not a right?

By that logic,

Does it mean that since it isn't a right, it can be exploited by rich insurance companies to deny coverage to hard working paying people for mistakes on their application?

Or maybe that the other things that the governments provide ARE rights, like roads and national parks?

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    Ronnie Raygun started that nonsense.

    President Carter has signed the "International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights" for the U.S., but the U.S. government and the people of the United States have not yet generated the political will necessary to ratify this Covenant. While Americans generally recognize civil and political rights as human rights, they have not always shared the same understanding with regard to economic, social and cultural rights (such as the rights to food, clothing, housing and health care).

    The U.S. has ratified a number of other human rights treaties including the "Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide," the "International Convention on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination," and the "Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment." The first of these (the Genocide Convention) was signed only in 1988, putting the U.S. well behind most other countries in ratifying human rights treaties. In addition, the U.S. has consistently attached reservations to the human rights treaties that it has ratified. These reservations have evoked criticism from many non-governmental organizations that argue they limit the legal impact of the treaties in the United States.

    Still other important treaties remain unsigned or un-ratified. For instance, every country in the world -- except the U.S. and Somalia -- has ratified the "Convention on the Rights of the Child."

    International treaties ratified by the US senate become part of the Supreme law of the land under Article VI of the United States Constitution.

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    There are contractual rights under health insurance, but an individual's disagreeing with an insurance company about coverage is like a David going up against a Goliath. That doesn't mean it can't be done, either in the courts, through some sort of appeals process, through publicizing the action of the insurance company, etc. But enforcing one's contractual rights under health insurance is not an equal battle.

    Now the idea that health care is a "privilege" which even the insured can have denied sound like feudalism of some sort, in which corporate insurance executives have the attitudes of feudal lords who can grant or deny privileges to their vassals. A privilege is not a contracted right.

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    America is the land of opportunity. The choices you make, are your responsibility. If you fail, so sorry. Now get up and try again. Some people never make it, but they keep up the fight and are proudly independent. Others are wildly successful, good for them, we don't have to worry about them.

    As in anything no body has the right to anything but free speech-- life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and to conduct themselves with as little Government interference as possible.

    Health care, like housing, like food, like transportation, is not a right. If you work for it, you can have it. However, if you are really down on your luck, you can have all these things until you get back on your feet. That's the great thing about America, if you fail, someone is there to catch you.

    But the other great thing about America is, after they catch you, it's time to build another life and improve yourself. And that right allows you unlimited potential. Health care or otherwise.

    Edit: ""What I find really interesting is how many of these "Conservatives" claim to be "Christians"

    Can you a imagine Jesus "I was born in a stable b/c my parents were turned away from the Inn" Christ telling a sick person that since they didn't have medical insurance that they couldn't be treated .""

    Not quite. Jesus told us to take care of the down and out, not the people who buy bling and iPods at the expense of feeding their children, then complain that the welfare check won't cover the rent. If you can afford a $1,000 grille across your teeth, which looks stupid and ugly anyway. You can afford some measure of health insurance.

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    Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. You have the right to live, you have the right to be free and come and go as you please, you have the right to go after what makes you happy as long as it doesn't harm anybody else. Those are basically your rights in this country.

    Exactly who told you that anyone in this country is denied health care? Give me the name, and give me the hospital that turned that person out and refused to treat him or her. Because that hospital is in violation of the law.

    Like most Pseudo-Libs, you have medical care confused with medical care insurance. They are not the same. I can't afford medical care insurance, but I still get all the medical care I need when I need it. Later, the hospital or doctor send me a bill, which I pay as I can. I pay more than I would if I had insurance, but the medical care I get is the best in the world, and I get it when I need it, not weeks or months later. And no, roads and national parks are not rights. They are SERVICES paid for by our tax dollars.

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    Every person, Lib and Conservative, Pre 1970.

    Communities used to trump the Federal Government's involvement. Communities used to take care of their own. Now everyone looks to Big Brother to extort money from those who have it to pay for the services of those who don't.

    Roads are for interstate commerce and those people who use those roads pay for them w/ gas-taxes. A progressive tax. That's if the Government is robbing those coffers to pay for other programs -- which they've been doing for decades...hence the urgency when talking about Stimulus and infrastructure. FAIL.

    National Parks? Progressive -- those who use the parks pay more. Last I checked, the parks take care of themselves. We pay for a payment booth, reserve the land for future generations and send a few stakes/plated numbers to identify camp grounds.

    Schools? Public schools are suffering -- we keep pumping more money into them w/ no results. The Department of Education is a catastrophe...dumping millions into it while test scores continue to fall.

    Medicare? 36 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities

    Medicaid? 35 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities

    Medi-Cal (california)? Bankrupt

    Oregon's system? Bankrupt

    Hawaii's? Bankrupt

    Mass.'s? Bankrupt

    Tricare? Being reformed already.

    VAcare? Hit and miss. The misses are horrific -- not getting authorizations fast enough leading to amputations.

    Health Care is a business regardless of who's paying -- private capital or the government. And Insurance isn't the problem. The problem is the ever increasing COSTS of health care.

    We have 12+ Illegal immigrants sponging off of the system. 30 million Americans making more than $50,000 per year refusing to buy insurance -- and when they get hurt, they sponge off of the rest of us. A Government that pays 64% of its obligation when it comes to reimbursing hospitals. We have lottery lawyers chipping away at doctors who are trying to do their job. We have redundancy within the system resulting from doctors trying to avoid malpractice...the list goes on and on.

    If you want real "reform" -- you'd ask your reps to sh*t-can their short-term ideas (patches) and ask them to address cost first and foremost. If health care costs come down, maybe we'd be able to secure afford insurance and those 8 million people who truly can't afford insurance might gain some access.

    The legislation has to be sustainable and the Government has proven they're incapable of keeping a program afloat.

    I'm sure denied treatment results from "mistakes on their application" -- just like those poor folks who were taken advantage of w/ Ninja loans and sub-primes. *sarcasm*

    There are reform options -- but they're not being entertained. Instead it's an all or nothing conversation that gets drowned out by partisan bickering. It's a shame.

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    It can be exploited as far as the capitalist economy will allow.

    Roads and national parks are a right since we pay for them through taxes.

    Same with health care, taxes will go up to cover the 9% in this country that have other priorities.

    Hope this helps.

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    Who is the Liberal that decided Health Care is a right to be paid for by all of us taxpayers? You want Health INsurance? Great, get a job and pay for it like 80 + percent of us do.

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    Everyone uses the roads, thus we all pay for the repairs. Stop using roads as a horrid explanation for your question. You say the same about abortion. Are abortions a right or a privilege? Did we all get you pregnant? Take some personal inventory and responsibility.

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    Rights can not ever be taken away. Health care can and is if you don't pay your premium. Sorry, but roads and parks are services, not rights, and I pay taxes every year to maintain them as well. Pay to play makes it not a right. Get it?

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    If it was a right then that would include everybody, rich and poor. Taxes would be unbelievably high. I think between medicaid, medicare and private insurance that we have enough. We just need to fix what we have.

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