what is integrity mean?

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    Integrity? It is the conscious decision to choose the RIGHT thing over the often compelling WRONG thing. Example: Stealing office supplies from the stock room at work for your child at school. Compelling 'reasons' might be: they won't notice, they don't pay me enough anyway, they get it so much cheaper than I could, they have better stuff. Any of these are simple justifications to shut up the part of your brain that says "do not steal".

    We could all choose to provide such justifications for many illegal or immoral decisions, resulting in no integrity, and society would literally fall apart. Think about it.

    Integrity at the same time means: INTACT.

    We must, as living creatures rely on the integrity of the majority to follow the rules set in motion by the best practice. What has come before us, shows what has worked the best, not killing people, not stealing, not lying, nor cheating on a spouse etc.

    Integrity, or intactness of your ability to follow the rules you set for yourself, or are set for you, is different for every individual. I believe the first rule you break, knowing that you are choosing to break it, often makes it easier and easier to choose to go against these 'rules'.

    The end result, if a person makes too many wrong choices, will ultimately result in the person becoming unfit for general society.

    Ultimately resulting in mental illness, killing sprees, Bernie Madoff, many serious crimes will result. Maybe lack of integrity in a person causes a mental breakdown also, because living creatures need to have rules to follow to feel secure.

    We should devise a set of indicators, much like the DOOMSDAY CLOCK, (which tells us how close we are to global nuclear war). That tells us as a planet, where we are on the INTEGRITY of our civilization. Showing us how close we are to a critical point, the level of rule breaking that would make a society unravel.

    Past which, the catastrophe would make global warming look like a cigarette lighter.

    Source(s): My life experience.
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    There is a quote that I like "The actions of a man in the dark of the night show us his true nature. "

    Integrity is knowing that you have nothing to lose by doing wrong and doing what is right anyway. Even if you have much to gain by committing an act that you might think is immoral and you will everything by being good.... you do the right thing despite it's cost.

    A.K.A - what a man who knows no one can see him in the dark at night will do. IT also means that the person is consistent. You cannot have integrity unless you are whole. You must always do the right thing (Or what you think is the "Right" thing) every time. All the time.

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    1. Steadfast adherence to a strict moral or ethical code.

    2. The state of being unimpaired; soundness.

    3. The quality or condition of being whole or undivided; completeness.

    A man with integrity is honest and commits no sin. He doesn't do anything dumb or make himself look like a fool.

    The hull of an air plane that is damaged has compromised structural integrity.

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    It literally means being undivided and whole. In terms of personality, this usually means that the person concerned is the same with all other people that he or she has dealings with. They always do the right thing (as they see it) under all circumstances.

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    It's doing the right thing regardless of the price, standing up for right, be honest, caring enough to do the right thing, and working without thought of pay when it is the thing to do.

    Such a beautiful photo.

    And a little child shall lead them.

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    Source(s): Webster's
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