Immigrating to australia?

I would like to know if anyone can help me, is there a policy in the australian immigration that allows you to study in a specific field in australia and then after 2 years can apply for citezenship or residency?


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    Under Australia's current immigration rules, a person who studies here full time for at least 2 years and obtains Australian qualifications and work experience in an occupation listed as being in need of workers, is able to apply for an onshore residence visa if they meet all of the requirements for that visa. Australian qualifications and work experience earn more points on the points test but residence is by no means automatic and applicants for onshore permanent visas must still have qualifications and work experience in a listed occupation and must meet exactly the same requirements that apply to offshore applicants. They can however live and work in Australia while they wait for their permanent visa to be granted provided they have lodged a valid and qualifying application. Citizenship still takes at least 4 years.

    There have however been widespread problems with students and colleges both in Australia and overseas with people obtaining student visas who should never have been granted them and private colleges providing sub-standard education and/or awarding qualifications that should never have been awarded. A major shake-up is underway and you can expect it to become more difficult to get a student visa in the first place and the standard of education to be raised with the number of private colleges being reduced to only those that provide proven high quality training. There will also be stricter controls on compliance with student visa conditions.

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    Many students do come to Australia for 2 year study and some are able to carry on and get Permanent Residency, but it isn't guaranteed.

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    Insider's tip for you: There are immigration reforms on the way that would greatly reduce your chance of getting Permanent Residency from yet-another 2-year course. Try another country.

  • Anonymous
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    mate you can get a student visa

    and then you can apply

    Cheers from Sydney!!


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