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i want make busniss in egypt but iam poor its mean i must die ?

my name is hani from egypt i work here with tourism but i need make busniss with tourism for help my family but what can i do ? nothing i must waiting. i work in health club for massage and i hope one day i rent from any hotel the health club .

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    No, it doesn't mean you must die. It means you need to find a way to make your dreams come true.

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    Dying is always an option, but seems pretty permanent! :-) I just wrote a letter to Dr. Mamdouh El-Beltagui, Minister of Tourism, on behalf of many such as yourself who don't have the means to start their own businesses or rent a shop of their own in a tourist hotel. You obviously have access to the Internet, and Twitter and Facebook will help you find customers, both internationally and locally. There may also be those interested in funding small businesses abroad for a small percentage of profits. I assume you've already tried getting a short-term capital loan from a local bank? (How good are you at massage?) Some advice: Don't be a street vendor! Stay within the health club or hotel, and learn what your customers want. I just returned from Egypt and was appalled by how often I was cheated.

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    Masseurs earn good income as far as I know. This income is coming to you with the minimum risk. At least when business is low you may earn less money, but you will not lose much money and you can sleep well at night.

    We all should improve and dream to develop, but you better learn how to be the best Masseur in the country and may be you can train. If you can be train people based on scientific education, I will be the first to take the course and may be you can have small classes.

    If you are ready to train others and use the income coming to you from training, you can rent a center.

    I mean to tell you it's better to be the best in your job than trying to do something else you didn't use to do.


    write this down in abig peace of paper and look to ur self at the mirror and say today iam gona die trying to get my dreams come true instate of saying u must die say iwill kill my self in work from working hard dont waste time in tears and blaming urself keep positive brother we all have dreams we all working hard for it always remeber what u doing now is not wasting for time u building up acarrer

    what u need to do now is keep as much experience as u can if their is any courses available in egypt for massage therapy go head and do it advance ur skills good luck bro

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    you die?

    if i were you i would get rent a office space and start a massage business, then when you get enough money, get some taanning beds and begin to charge people a certain price for a certain amout of time, the maximum time should be 15 minutes, then turn it into a full spa, with tanning, massages, and nail painting and other things, i had a friends who did this and shes living in a huge home now

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    i ve read the answeres above,it's all about hard working and improving seems to me that people always forget that life is unfair and that we r in egypt!!hard workers get nothing..i actually have no answer to ur question except accept ur pathetic life..and if u died well others die too who cares! got nothing to do about it..sounds harsh but hey it's not my rules and i won't decieve u!

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    dont mention dying .

    work hard till your income increases and you can rent a place in a health club.

    did you try going to a hotel in Sharm ?

    guests like to have a massage in Sharm or Hurghada .

    try , and i wish you the best of luck

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    Why does it mean you must die? Anyways if you want to make a business hire a proffissinol to help to out.

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    No don't be hopeless, and don't say any thing about death. Now just do what u need to do in order to make business in Egypt. Good luck!

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    As long as you continue what you are doing with a good heart you will succeed. try to get a small job to make extra money. this does not mean you must die. you shall live your life and get through it no matter what happens. be strong my friend. you will make it.

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