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A little kid I'm babysitting sprayed Pledge wood cleaing product all over my sister cat..we gave her a bath with cat shampoo twice..I just need to know if theres any risk that are important for this? like will it do something with her skin...should we take her to the vet?

please please help

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    Where I live, it's Sunday. You need to CALL the Emergency Animal Clinic in your area and ASK......then, if they say it's going to poison the cat, get it to them ASAP.

    You might look on the can of Pledge, and see if there's a "poison control phone number" and check with them, too.

    Guess you weren't watching that kid as carefully as you should have been, huh!

    Hope everything works out okay...........Good luck. ... and from now on, WATCH KIDS........they can get into "trouble" as quick as a flea jumps.........

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    If this product was washed off immediately there should be no problems.

    While most of these products do contain petroleum distillates, any good soap will remove them from the cats fur and skin. Just keep an eye on the cats skin to make sure that a rash does not develop. If that occurs, take the cat to a vet.

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    Id call the vet right away, or the animal hospital, and whatever numbers are on the pledge. the bath was deffinatly a good moe, but id make sure to call fast, also, dont forget to keep your eye on the kid while your taking care of the cat, you dont want anything else to go wrong. follow whatever the animal hospital/vet says.

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    Proud Owner had the right answer. It still has Wheat Gluten twice for some reason and gluten is what killed many beloved pets several years ago in the huge pet food recall. It still has meat by-products, soy which they can become allergic to. I'm not sure about corn starch but I'd avoid that one too. I would stay away if you can afford a higher quality food.

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    when in doubt call your vet and explain exactly what happened and what you did to clean her. The problem is if your shampoo didn't get all traces of the pledge out of her fur, she could slowly poison herself when she licks her fur. the vet will be able to tell you if there is anything else you need to do.

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    I sprayed Pledge on my dining room table to clean it once and my cat came and licked it up off the table and nothing happened... Since you washed it, it will probably be fine but just to be safe call the vet anyway.

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    To the vet. That stuff contains diethylene glycol ester, an ingredient in anti-freeze - which kills cats. Some may have been absorbed through her skin.

    Go to the vet now. And write it down before you go so the vet will know.


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    sorry but - lol - kids eh?!

    Calm down....

    You washed her so thats a good start, try not to alarm the cat any more by panicing yourself....

    A cat will not lick if there is something minging on it's fur, they are not stoopid.... make sure you have rinsed with plain old water.

    diethylene glycol andpropylene glycol are hardcore chemicals used in anti freeze and anti greasing agents, but they are used in domestic products in such diluted quantities it won't harm us. (well I use chemical free, but thats besides the point)

    If she foams at the mouth she is having a reaction , get her to a vet for a steriod injection.

    Or just ring your vet for a proff oppinion.

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    Get on the phone and call the vet--it's the quickest way to get an answer. And the most obvious one.

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    Dude, go to the vet. Symptoms may show later on, and that may be to late. Go to your local animal hospital, asap.

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