anybody else had a crap weekend?

I slept most of yesterday and most of today because i have no energy and feel shaky and dizzy every time i get up (low bp) I have had bad pains in my shoulders where i slept funny last night which i cant get rid of and a stinking headache which also wont piss off! I feel like crap and really not looking forward to work tomorrow. I have managed to do any ironing either! Fiance is great and done all the other housework but he wont do ironing lol! and i cant blame him either!


i forgot to add tht i 17 weeks pregnant today so should be having lots of energy. im not tired as such but i lay down because i feel like crap and the next minute im asleep.

Fiance has always done the housework even before i was pregnant and i never have to ask him to do it either which is great and he knows i apprechaite it. I have FMS so my back hurts alot all the time so thats why he does it all. We both work full time and i have just been promoted so having tomorrow of on the first day of my new role is not really acceptable.

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    you are so lucky you have a partner that looks after you. all mine has been doing is sitting in doors on his a**. if i get any help from him i am pleasently surprised. even if i am ill, he does little or nothing around the house and i have to go out and buy all our groceries. thank goodness i haven't been put on bed rest for anything. today i asked him to do something very simple and very urgent and he flipped and started yelling horribly at me. i don't know fully what's up with him, he never used to behave like this. i wish your man could teach mine a lesson or two.

    i am 32/33 weeks pregnant.

    if you are still feeling unwell tomorrow, maybe you could take the day off and go to your doctor or midwife, who could try and help you with some of these horrible symptoms.

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    I'm lucky if my partner empties the bin for me!!

    And we both working (he works more than me but I still dont think thats a good enough excuse)

    I;ve been working all weekend slept twice today when I got in for an hour and then another hour later on.

    I've never had any pregnancy complaints i'm still more than capable its just nice to have a little help once in a while... I like things done and if my partner says he will do it... I could be waiting over a week and have to keep nagging....

    I dont know what to suggest but I've found if I lie in in the mornings I feel like complete **** all day and just cant motivate myself so I always get up as soon as I wake (aslong as its after 6.30)

    Also if i dont drink enough I get all shakey and funny...

    Not long now and you'll be able to take leave and do things in your own time and not have to worry about work!


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    Urg hell ya girl!!! I can't sleep lately and my little one has been getting upalot lately, urg plus ill wake up in the morning around 8 and ill be super tired by 11 but I can't sleep till em takes her nap which is around one, my weekend has been full of me being tired having a headache/migrane and a screaming one and a half year old :( ur lucky u only have one right now lol enjoy it!!!good luck :)

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    I'm so tired it's ridiculous (thank you insomnia :P), I have a horrible sunburn that makes wearing clothing hurt and, and I'm so nauseous I'm usually running to the bathroom every few minutes "just in case". And all I've been doing all weekend is cleaning. It's lovely. I feel for you!

    Hope it gets better for you ;)

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    Ah bless u hunny im sure you might feel better tomorrow just take it easy and let him finish every thing off if you still dont feel rite tomoz take the day off work i had my son 4 weeks ago and so remember them feelings and do not miss them thoe i do my my belly lol good luck hun

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    I've had the same weekend! I feel so out of it.. I tried to get out of bed earlier to get something to eat and I thought I'd pass out on the kitchen floor. It's weird because I haven't had any morning sickness this whole time.. I haven't been sick yet today but I've just been blah. I feel exhausted and achey. I hate it!

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    Yes me im so sorry you feel ill im not ill

    but my kids have fought all weekend the dog keeps barking my husband has had to work and i burnt the dinner and forgot i left the bath on

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    yeah ive had rubbish weekened. the lil princess has started kicking whenever i lie down so it takes me hours to get to sleep. i tried to have an afternoon nap today as was so shattered and in the end gave up as she just wouldnt stop kicking i think its because its my 1st pregnancy and im not used to it so am hoping overtime i will

    Source(s): 23 weeks preg with lil girl EDD 12/12
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    LOL. welcome to the wonderful world of early pregnancy!!!

    i am at the other end of the spectrum, having hot flashes, leg cramps, weird dreams, aches and pains, and this incredible urge to organize the drawers in my bedroom. yet im too tired to finish it.

    so yes, all in all, its been an interesting weekend. i know my huibby thinks im insane

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